• February 19, 2024

9 “crazy” facts about Mike Tyson: Almost gave Donald Trump a “beaten”.

Mike Tyson is undeniably one of the greatest boxers of all time, that is a well-established fact. However, whether Mike Tyson is an entertaining person or not, as many people believe, is subjective and open to interpretation.


Since the day Mike Tyson stepped into the ring, the world witnessed a fearsome warrior in both literal and figurative senses. He became known for his aggressive and violent fighting style, as well as controversial behavior both inside and outside the ring. However, there are many things about the legend we commonly refer to as “Iron” Mike that we may have never known.

1. Mike Tyson was defeated 2 times before competing

Mike Tyson indeed suffered two defeats before his professional career. From his early days in the sport as an amateur boxer, Tyson was already considered a top prospect in the world of boxing and was on track to compete in the 1984 Olympics until he was defeated twice by Henry Tillman. However, when he transitioned to professional boxing, Iron Mike sought successful revenge.

2. Almost let President Donald Trump ‘sick’

It is true that Donald Trump organized and promoted several of Mike Tyson’s fights at Trump Plaza in Atlantic City. However, it’s unclear why the current former President of the United States had a close relationship with Mike’s wife, Robin Givens.

There was an incident where Mike Tyson cornered Donald Trump in a room and directly asked him, “Hey Donald, did you sleep with my wife?” Trump denied it, and Tyson subsequently let the matter go.

3. Mike Tyson has an older brother

That is true. Mike Tyson’s half-brother from the same father but different mother, Jimmie Lee Kirkpatrick, was a doctor’s assistant in Los Angeles. It is known that Mike Tyson’s biological father had at least seven children.

4. Making millions thanks to Boxing, but WWE is Mike Tyson’s ‘saviour’

After Mike Tyson’s release from prison, he was banned from professional boxing due to his infamous ear-biting incident with Evander Holyfield. However, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon recognized Tyson’s immense drawing power and signed him to appear at WrestleMania.

Mike ‘Iron’ Tyson later admitted in a speech at the WWE Hall of Fame that this opportunity saved him from financial stress when he couldn’t compete in the boxing ring, providing him with a new avenue to showcase his skills and entertain audiences.

5. No ‘sex’ for 5 years in a row

It is surprising that a multi-million dollar boxer’s career was derailed by sex addiction and scandals involving the mistreatment of women, but Mike Tyson went through a long period without engaging in sexual activities. However, that is a true story from before Mike transitioned into professional boxing.

After his release from prison, Tyson made significant changes in his life. He focused on his boxing career and sought personal transformation. He admitted that during a considerable period of time, he abstained from sexual relationships to achieve maximum focus and success in his career.

6. Has not graduated from high school but has a Ph.D

It is indeed ironic that Mike Tyson, who dropped out of high school and never obtained a diploma, was awarded an honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters by Central State University in 1989. The president of Central State University stated, “Mike has demonstrated that hard work, determination, and perseverance can allow an individual to overcome any obstacle.”

7. Currently close friends with Evander Holyfield

There have been numerous rumors surrounding a rematch between these two iconic figures before they retired, but they have remained just rumors. Despite the ear-biting incident, they have appeared together at various events and promotional programs, and now they are good friends.

8. Mike Tyson is a big fan of MMA

It’s true that you can often find Mike Tyson backstage at UFC events or involved in promotions for MMA competitions. Mike ‘Iron’ Tyson has publicly acknowledged himself as a big fan of MMA and has been a staunch supporter of the sport since its inception. His presence and support demonstrate his genuine interest and admiration for mixed martial arts.

9. When asked who is his toughest opponent, Mike Tyson replied:

It’s me. Mike Tyson.

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