• February 20, 2024

A lonesome truck driver adopts an abandoned stray cat and it becomes his companion

Paul Robertson has been working as a long-distance truck driver for many years. While he enjoys his job, it can be lonely on the road, especially when he’s by himself.

Fortunately, Paul had a feline companion named Howie, who used to accompany him on his trips. They were inseparable until Howie passed away in 2017. Devastated by his loss, Paul kept an eye out for a new furry friend to keep him company.

One day, he visited an animal rescue where he met a ginger cat named Percy. When Paul saw Percy’s scars, torn ear, and missing tooth, he knew that the cat would make a perfect companion for him.

Percy had a difficult life before he was rescued as a stray cat. Despite his challenging past, Percy remained sweet and loving, and he immediately formed a strong bond with Paul, who officially adopted him.

As they traveled together, Percy became Paul’s constant companion, riding shotgun on a platform designed by Paul so that Percy could look out the window. Percy cherished every moment he spent on the road with his new dad.

Paul described Percy as very affectionate, often crawling onto his lap, up his chest, and rubbing cheeks with him. He loved to play, purr a lot, and, like most cats, enjoyed eating and snoozing.

As a photographer, Paul loved taking pictures of Percy and sharing them on Facebook. Because of his adorable photos, Percy gained a significant following on the social media platform.

In February 2017, Paul had a terrifying experience while at a truck stop in Ohio. When he woke up in the morning, he found the passenger window down, and Percy was nowhere to be seen.

This had happened before when there was a bird outside, but this time, Percy didn’t come out even when Paul called and searched the area. Adding to the distress, the weather report warned of an impending storm.

Paul took to Facebook to announce Percy’s disappearance, and many people offered to help search for him. However, as a commercial truck driver with a deadline to meet, Paul couldn’t afford to wait for Percy’s return.

Feeling like he had abandoned his child, Paul drove away with a heavy heart. He had completed two deliveries and driven 400 miles when a miracle happened – he saw an oil-covered stray cat coming out from under his truck, and it was Percy!

The cat looked hungry and tired, but he was safe. After this incident, Paul kept a closer eye on him. Now, after three years, their bond is stronger than ever. Paul has even said that Percy is good for his spirit and soul, and he cherishes the moments he spends with him on the road.

It’s heartening to know that after Percy’s scary disappearance, Paul was able to find him and keep a close eye on him. Now, after three years, their bond is stronger than ever, and Paul has even said that Percy is good for his spirit and soul.

It’s heartwarming to witness the bond between Paul and Percy, and how much they have enriched each other’s lives. It’s a beautiful reminder of the positive impact that animal companions can have on our lives, and how they can bring us so much joy and comfort. Paul and Percy’s story is a testament to the power of love and companionship, and how it can truly make everything better.

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