• April 15, 2024

A mini cow who lost his herd gets adopted by a pack of dogs. A heartwarming example of cross-species friendship.

Haru, the mini cow, always felt like he didn’t quite fit in. Being much smaller than the other cattle in his herd, he faced rejection and spent a lot of time alone.

However, everything took a turn when he encountered his new best friends – a group of dogs.

Amber Sullivan-Vo and her husband, Anthony, discovered Haru through a Craigslist post and decided to rescue him. Despite their desire to welcome Haru into their large animal family, they were unsure if this solitary mini cow would get along with their nine dogs. But as they gradually introduced Haru to the dogs, all their concerns vanished.

“Haru really likes our dogs!” Sullivan-Vo shared with The Dodo. “He warmed up to [them] in about a week.”

Haru doesn’t just get along with the dogs; he also imitates their behavior. The little cow approaches new foster dogs staying with his family, sniffing them just like the dogs do. He even gets the zoomies, running around with playful energy just like his canine companions.

“When our dogs are around, he lowers his head to encourage them to play or give him kisses,” Sullivan-Vo shared.

The dogs reciprocate Haru’s affection as well; they see him as just another big dog. They all spend time together in the yard, happily enjoying each other’s company.

Despite Haru weighing considerably more than his dog siblings, he is always cautious not to harm the smaller creatures around him. He demonstrates great awareness of his size and ensures he doesn’t get in their way. When the family took in a pair of foster puppies, it was evident that Haru was looking out for them.

“He is very conscious of his size,” Sullivan-Vo explained. “If he was playing and noticed that the puppies were nearby, he would immediately settle down and stop running.”

Haru’s presence has become indispensable to his parents, who now can’t imagine life without him. Although he may have felt like he didn’t fit in before, it’s clear that in his new family, Haru is the perfect size and an integral part of their heartwarming cross-species friendship.

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