• February 23, 2024

A woman adopted a small stray kitten, only to later discover that it was actually a puma

We’ve all experienced some “oops” moments in our lives, such as forgetting to turn off the water before leaving the house, purchasing the wrong size shoes online, addressing someone by the wrong name for an extended period, or mistakenly using fabric softener instead of detergent for a month.

However, Florencia Lobo’s experience definitely falls under the category of “OOPS” moments. During a visit to the vet, she discovered something surprising about the kitten she had recently adopted.

Initially, she thought the little cat she had rescued after finding its mother dead was a stray domesticated cat. But the trip to the vet revealed that the kitten was, in fact, a puma. Quite the OOPS moment indeed…

It all began when Lobo and her brother stumbled upon two kittens next to their deceased mother on the side of the road in Tucuman, Argentina. Lobo assumed that they were stray domesticated cats and decided to take them home in an attempt to save them.

The kittens were extremely young and weak, and unfortunately, one of them didn’t survive. With both the mother and the sister gone, the remaining kitten was left all alone.

But Lobo was determined to keep the little cat safe, healthy, and loved. She named him Tito, and under her loving care, Tito grew stronger with each passing day.

Lobo took great care of Tito, and after two months, she took him to the vet for a routine check-up. However, to her surprise, the vet informed her that Tito was not a domesticated kitten but a puma cub.


The vet put Lobo in touch with a local nature reserve, and after confirmation of Tito’s true identity, Lobo made the difficult decision to give up her beloved feline companion.


Tito was invited to move into the reserve and live out his days in his natural habitat, under the care of the reserve staff. Although Lobo’s assumption that Tito was a kitten was incorrect, it was a lucky mistake, and Tito owes his life to her love and care.

Now, Tito can live a long and happy life in the wild, and Lobo has a remarkable story to share. This event has generated quite a reaction, and it’s not hard to see why.


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