• May 20, 2024

Abandoned in a Walmart parking lot, this dog can’t seem to stop hugging the people who saved him!

A golden retriever was sighted by animal control in a Walmart parking lot. Without hesitation, they promptly rescued the dog and brought him to the shelter while making efforts to locate the owners.

Upon reaching out to the presumed owners to reunite them with their lost pet, the call took an unexpected turn. It was revealed that the owners were not actually searching for Clarence, the golden retriever, but for two other dogs that were also found in the parking lot.

Moved by Clarence’s touching tale, the animal shelter shared heart-rending photos of him along with his story in a Facebook post.

In December 2021, the heart-wrenching tale of Clarence came to light on Facebook when the animal control team spotted him aimlessly wandering alongside two other dogs in a Walmart parking lot. The post shed light on Clarence’s distressing past, stating:

“This dog was treated like a lawn ornament and then thrown away when they no longer had any use for him.”

Clarence, a lovable golden retriever mix, was nearly four years old and cherished embracing his human companions. As soon as the animal control team discovered him, they made earnest attempts to locate his owners and reached out to them.

To their surprise, it turned out that the owners were already aware that Clarence had been wandering in the Walmart parking lot. Upon contacting them, the animal control center urged the owners to swiftly pick him up from their facility.

Amidst the unfolding events, Cat Suzuki took to social media to address Clarence’s previous owners directly. Despite giving them a deadline to claim him, they failed to show up, leaving Clarence’s fate hanging in the balance. Regrettably, the decision was made to euthanize him.

Thankfully, a ray of hope appeared when Hounds in Pounds stepped in and rescued Clarence just in time. The organization is dedicated to saving “adoptable dogs” from facing a tragic end and works tirelessly to find them new loving homes.

Clarence showed his gratitude by hugging his rescuer tightly as they took him to the shelter. Hounds in Pounds made every effort to secure a permanent home for him. Excitingly, it was revealed by Cat Suzuki, the founder of the non-profit organization, that Clarence was scheduled to head north the following weekend, where he would have the opportunity to meet potential families interested in adopting him.

In her post, Cat Suzuki couldn’t help but be captivated by Clarence’s golden coat, likening it to rays of sunshine, just like his warm and radiant personality that shines through. It was evident that Clarence’s journey was now heading towards a brighter and happier chapter, all thanks to the compassionate intervention of Hounds in Pounds.

As Clarence awaited his chance to find a loving home, the organization worked diligently to facilitate his adoption process. Meanwhile, Cat Suzuki penned a powerful post directed at Clarence’s previous owners, urging them not to consider getting another pet:

“Your damn dog was crying and begging for life at the shelter, terrified and lonely, and you did NOTHING.”

The emotional Facebook posts about Clarence’s heartbreaking story resonated with many people, evoking deep sadness for his plight. Among the responses, a compassionate woman commented, “Gee, I would take him in a heartbeat, but because of health issues, I could not give him the care he needs.” This heartfelt sentiment reflects the overwhelming desire to help Clarence, despite personal challenges.

“Thank you for being the Earth angel that we know Clarence clearly needed to rescue him from a very sad life,” expressed another woman, deeply touched by the Facebook post and Clarence’s journey.

After meeting numerous potential families, Clarence’s search for a forever home finally reached a joyous conclusion. On January 16, 2022, Cat Suzuki shared a heartwarming photo of Clarence standing proudly with his new family. Her caption read: “Happy life Clarence!”

The news of Clarence finding a permanent home brought happiness to most people who read the post. They believed he truly deserved a loving and caring family and wholeheartedly wished the best for the family who adopted him. These heartwarming tales remind us of the incredible bonds between humans and animals and the profound impact they have on each other’s lives.


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