• May 20, 2024

Alittle girl sings to her cat in his final moments, but their bond continues to live on even after his passing.

It is accurate to say that cats truly become an integral part of a family. When they pass away, it is always difficult to come to terms with their loss. This was the case for Bailey, who was the main character in the popular book ‘Bailey, No Ordinary Cat.’ At the age of 14, he passed away due to kidney failure, leaving his human family devastated. Bailey was deeply loved by his family and was especially close to his sisters.

The video depicts a heart-wrenching moment where one of Bailey’s sisters, Abby, sings to him during his final moments. She had been singing the same song to him since she was a child, which made the moment even more poignant. This scene reminded me of my own experience when my 21-year-old cat passed away, and it was almost too much to bear.

Despite being only four years old, Abby and Bailey had a special bond that was evident in all of her happy memories. The realization that this was their last moment together was incredibly emotional. However, they both cherished this precious moment, determined to make it count.

Bailey seemed to understand what was happening and appeared content in the arms of someone he loved deeply. Six months later, something unexpected but heartwarming happened. The family decided to welcome a new member into their home, a four-legged feline friend named A Cat Named Carrot.

The next video showcases the unique relationship that Bailey shared with all the girls in the family, and introduces viewers to Carrot. It is a beautiful reminder of how cats can leave a lasting impression on their human family’s lives, and how their memory can continue to bring joy even after they’re gone.

It’s heartwarming to see the close bond that these girls share with their cats, and it’s fortunate that they now have Carrot in their lives. Bailey would surely approve.

Carrot has also become a social media sensation, with over 291,000 followers on her Instagram page (Bailey had 206,000). Erin, the girls’ mother, had not planned for Carrot to follow in Bailey’s footsteps, but it seems like fate intervened.

“Little did we know six months after his death, Abby and her sister Hannah would be surprised with a kitten they named immediately ‘Carrot,’ which I thought was hilarious,” Erin said.

“I had no intentions of creating a Facebook page or Instagram account for Carrot. Never in a million years did I think I was going to get another cat just like Bailey. I worried the girls would be disappointed in the kitten not wanting to do the things Bailey did. I even warned them for months, if we ever got a cat again, it likely won’t do all the things Bailey did.”

However, Erin was wrong. “Well, we hit the kitty jackpot again, and within 24 hours of having Carrot, I knew we had a special girl. Girl ginger cats are rare. I believe 85% of the time gingers are boys. Look it up.”

Erin is correct that female ginger cats are rare, and based on personal experience, ginger cats are known to be very affectionate towards their owners. They make great companions for children, which is something to consider if you’re thinking of getting a cat for your family.



“I feel my prayers were answered. I don’t believe in reincarnation, but many believe Bailey came back as Carrot. I do believe in God answering prayers, and he answered mine. Carrot healed our broken hearts. We were devastated when we lost Bailey,” said Erin to News4SanAntonio.

I am confident that Carrot and the girls will have a happy life together, and that Bailey will always have a special place in their hearts.

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