• May 17, 2024

Amazing dog born without back legs now runs on front paws thanks to the kindness and support of her owner

Putol, a six-year-old dog from Casiguran in the Philippines, was born with a deformity that left her with only two front legs. However, with the help of her owner Danilo Codilego Jr., she has learned to adapt and walk on her two front paws.

Putol was given her name, which means ‘chopped’ in the Tagalog language of Luzon, due to her deformity. Despite being left to die at birth, she was adopted by Codilego and has since become a beloved member of her community.

Putol, who has become a popular figure in her neighborhood because of her bravery and zest for life, was first introduced to her owner, Mr. Codilego, by a co-worker at his previous job. The truck driver recalls meeting the four puppies for sale, each priced at 5000 pesos (£115), six years ago when he was working at a bakery.

Despite the other puppies being sold, Putol was left behind because of her deformity and the belief that she wouldn’t survive. However, Mr. Codilego was the only person who was willing to take care of her and give her a chance at life. Their bond has only grown stronger since then, with Putol becoming a beloved member of the family and community.

When Mr. Codilego first took in Putol, the two-legged dog was struggling to balance herself in place due to her deformity. However, after five years of love, care, and support from her owner, Putol has made remarkable progress. She has not only learned to balance herself, but she has also mastered the art of running, walking, and standing still long enough to eat.

It’s heartening to see how Putol has adjusted to life and can now run and explore with other dogs in her neighborhood. Her story is a testament to the resilience of animals and the transformative power of love and care.

It’s important for us to continue advocating for the welfare and protection of animals with disabilities or special needs, and to provide them with the necessary support and accommodations to help them live fulfilling lives. Putol’s story serves as an inspiration to all of us to be more compassionate and loving towards animals in need.

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