• April 9, 2024

An emotionally touched and ill man shed tears during an unforgettable visit from a gentle and kind-hearted horse.

When people think of affectionate animals, dogs often come to mind, but horses are also highly emotional creatures. They have their own therapy center known as equine-assisted therapy.

In recent months, João, the father of Audrie Spake, has been battling health issues that have confined him to his bed. While doctors work tirelessly to heal his body, João received a visitor who aimed to mend his heart.

This visitor goes by the name of Paçoca.

Paçoca is a therapy horse that collaborates with volunteers from the nonprofit organization Coletivo Inclusão, which is dedicated to reaching out to individuals with special needs. And oh, the difference it can make.

Earlier this week, Spake shared a heartwarming video capturing the moment Paçoca visited her father. Sensing the type of interaction that João needed the most, Paçoca gently nestled against him, silently exchanging comfort and affection.

Spake wrote, “He is always like this with my dad. So beautiful!”

Undoubtedly, it was a visit that João will never forget. And if fortunate, it will do more than just create a memory.

Today, an increasing number of healthcare sectors recognize the healing benefits that animal therapy can have on patients’ well-being and happiness.

“Animal-assisted therapy can significantly reduce pain, anxiety, depression, and fatigue in people with various health problems,” reports the Mayo Clinic. “Moreover, it’s not only the individuals with health problems who benefit. Family members and friends who participate in animal visits also report feeling better.”

João’s daughter seems to agree, expressing in her writing about Paçoca’s visit, “It’s an indescribable moment.”

Animals possess the miraculous ability to heal our souls through their unconditional love. This horse brought immense comfort to a desperate and fearful man fighting a cruel illness.

The horse brings Unconditional Love, and he needs it too. Bless you both, it’s truly a precious moment!

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