• April 11, 2024

Anthony Joshua has declined the invitation to face Mike Tyson: “I don’t want to be the one to be laughed at when defeat the greatest heavyweight of all time.”

Anthony Joshua lacks enthusiasm when it comes to the prospect of facing the legendary Mike Tyson.

Since Mike Tyson announced his comeback, the number of fighters willing to step into the ring with the “Iron Mike” has been increasing day by day. However, there are still boxers who are not eager to face the legendary figure of the past. Heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua is one of them.

“With all due respect, I wouldn’t do that (fight Mike Tyson). Even if I fought him and won, I think I’d be the only one celebrating. Everyone would ridicule me. He is a legend, the greatest heavyweight of the modern era. There are only two champions that the whole world knows, that’s Ali and Mike Tyson. They are the most famous boxers,” Joshua shared with The Sun.

Anthony Joshua firmly declined to fight Mike Tyson but is highly interested in stepping into the ring with another Tyson, Tyson Fury. If he could defeat his fellow countryman, Joshua would be the first in history to hold all four major heavyweight titles.

“I want to fight the current champion, Tyson Fury. Previously it was Deontay Wilder, and now it’s Tyson Fury. He has done a lot for the global boxing community. However, I have nothing more to say about him until the day we officially meet,” added Joshua.

However, it is unclear when Joshua and Fury will be able to face each other. In the meantime, Fury will prioritize his rematch with Deontay Wilder, but this fight has been postponed due to Covid-19. Joshua himself has to deal with the obstacle named Kubrat Pulev first.

As for Mike Tyson, the 53-year-old legend has yet to finalize his opponent for his upcoming comeback fight. In a recent interview, he mentioned being in negotiations and will soon make a decision.


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