• February 22, 2024

Baby “Elephant” lying angry on the road

Any kind of animal has its own cuteness. And don’t think that only cute little animals know how to play tricks.

For example, elephants are so big, but sometimes their souls still think they are small, they always need to be loved and cared for.

“Having fun, suddenly caught it”. Screenshots

Baby elephant with a knack for bullying

Recently on MXH is spreading a clip recording the scene of a baby elephant in Thailand being taken out by the owner to play extremely cute. But I don’t know if it’s still fun or not, but when the owner brought it back, this elephant definitely refused to move.

The elephant lay down on the road, blocking the way, but definitely refused to get up. Screenshots

Tired of lying down, then change the sitting position for a while but in general still refuse to go anywhere. Screenshots

Watch the new clip to see the cuteness of the elephant with a little bit of tenderness. After sitting and then lying down to block the road in all positions, the baby elephant finds all ways to not have to get up and go home.

However, when its owner ran out of patience, just “slapped” its butt a few times, the elephant expressed his displeasure immediately. Not lying there anymore, the elephant stood up, grabbed the surrounding vegetation with his trunk and threw it into the sky as if showing an angry attitude that made the owner look on helplessly.

Netizens were delighted by the cuteness of the elephant:

– Look really sweet. You’re good at fooling people.

– I just patted my butt lightly 1-2 times but I was scared before I got scared.

– I don’t want to come back here. It is true that the baby elephant is big, but the soul is still very young.

– It’s funny to see the helpless mahout’s face.

It’s so cute, isn’t it!

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