• February 23, 2024

Couple Adopt 17-Year-Old Dog From Shelter, He Stays Alive Just Long Enough To Welcome His Baby Sister

Meet Rocky, the loyal and devoted old dog who graced this world with his presence just long enough to meet his little sister. Back in 2015, a young couple from Fort Meade decided to adopt Rocky, a 17-year-old canine, from the Anne Arundel County Animal Control (AACAC) shelter. Beth and Michael Clark, the couple, shared how Rocky thrived in his new home.

He quickly became an integral part of their family, and when Beth became pregnant, he joyfully participated in her pregnancy photoshoot, helping to announce the happy news. Throughout Beth’s pregnancy, Rocky remained faithfully by her side. Beth mentioned, “When my pregnancy started to show, he became even more attached to me.”

However, after the baby girl was born and brought home, they noticed that something was seriously wrong with Rocky. Just a few hours after meeting his human sister, he peacefully passed away at the age of 18. In memory of Rocky, FAACAC wrote a heartfelt letter to the Clarks’ new daughter, Hazel: “Dear Hazel: One day, your mom and dad will tell you all about your first dog, Rocky… Someday, they will tell you how wonderful and loved your first dog was, even though your time together was brief.”

Rocky’s unconditional love and presence during those precious moments will forever be cherished by the family, and he will be fondly remembered for the joy and love he brought into their lives, even for that fleeting period.

Beth and Michael Clark, the animal heroes, have a heartwarming tradition of donating blankets to animal shelters during the winter to bring warmth and comfort to stray dogs. In December 2015, they visited the Anne Arundel County Animal Control to contribute blankets and supplies. However, their visit turned into something even more special.

During their visit, they encountered Rocky, a 17-year-old dog who was grieving and needed special attention. Beth was determined to help this elderly dog and said to her husband, “We’re going to catch him. I don’t want this old man to perish without comfort.”

Rocky, as Beth shared with TODAY, became an integral part of their lives. He brought immense joy to their family, loving to dance and spend time with them. As Rocky grew older, walking and climbing stairs became challenging for him, but he remained an essential companion. Every night, Beth’s husband carried Rocky upstairs so that he could be close to them.

In a delightful turn of events, Beth discovered she was expecting a baby. As her pregnancy progressed, Rocky became even more gentle and supportive towards her. He became a significant source of comfort for expectant mothers in Maryland.

Rocky’s health continued to decline, and his condition became increasingly concerning. A heartwarming photo of Rocky with the caption, “Mom and Dad are going to find me a man!” was even used to announce Beth and Michael’s pregnancy, showcasing the special bond they shared with their beloved dog.

Around the time Beth was seven months pregnant, they received distressing news that Rocky might have a tumor, which further worsened his health. Despite his deteriorating condition, Rocky managed to greet the new baby girl with a quick sniff and laid his head on her. However, as his health continued to decline, the couple realized that it was time to bid farewell to their cherished companion.

They contacted the vet, who came to see Rocky quietly that night. It was a difficult moment for the Clarks, as they loved Rocky deeply and struggled to adjust to the absence of their beloved furry friend.

Despite their grief, the Clarks noticed that Loki, their dog, was determined to bond with his new human sister. This demonstrated the incredible love and loyalty that Rocky had instilled in their family.

Michael and Beth’s compassion and dedication to adopting Rocky and providing him with love and happiness in his final years truly make them animal heroes. Their decision to cherish Rocky and make his last days special is truly admirable.

Let’s honor the memory of this extraordinary couple and their adorable dog, Rocky, who will forever be remembered for the joy and love they brought into each other’s lives. Their touching story serves as an inspiration to all those who value the bond between humans and animals.

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