• February 18, 2024

Cute Duck, go shopping with owner

For many months now, the image of a loose duck following a man in the West has become familiar to many people at the market in Ward 5, Ca Mau City (Ca Mau).

The owner of this strange duck is Mr. Bui Van Hoai (49 years old, living in Ward 5, Ca Mau City), Mr. Hoai is working at the Management Board of P. 5 Market.

According to Mr. Hoai, more than a year ago, he picked up a duckling, brought it home to raise and named it Chip Chip, now the duck weighs about 2.3kg, according to Thanh Nien newspaper.

Many small traders live in ward 5, city market. Ca Mau said that the duck is very smart and likes to follow Mr. Hoai. When he went to a neighbor’s house or went to the market, Chip Chip also followed. Many people couldn’t help but laugh when they saw the duck waddling after its owner.

Mr. Hoai shared in Dan Viet newspaper that despite his busy work, he still took the time to bathe Chip Chip 1-2 times a day. Due to long-term contact, there is affection, when Mr. Hoai is away from home for a long time, the duck looks sad and when he hears his voice, it rushes to greet the owner like other pets.

Mr. Hoai also trained the duck from a young age, wherever he went, he put Chip Chip in the basket and brought it with him, then put it down again. Over time, the duck gets used to it, so it’s not afraid of strangers.

The duck’s behavior is to live in a herd, so it’s not difficult to train it, if you raise many children, it may not follow you, but if you only have one, you will follow.

Ms. Nhu Y (a small trader in Ward 5 market) said that because Mr. Hoai worked at the market management board, Chip Chip was often brought here by him. Wherever he goes, it follows him like a child, so everyone at the market is gradually familiar with this lovely image.

“If I love it, it will love me too, all animals, humans too. I love it very much, before going to work, I also play with it for a while, it likes to follow me. Many times when it takes a long time to come back and open the gate, it jumps back to the stiff waistband, I drag it along but it doesn’t let go. Neighbors and small traders in the market all love it very much,” – Dan Viet newspaper quoted Mr. Hoai as sharing

Many people found it strange, so they asked to buy it, but Mr. Hoai did not sell it and decided to raise it until the duck died.

Before that, around March 2018, a pet duck also captured the hearts of many people in Soc Trang by following its owner all day like a picture with a shadow.

The owner of this duck is Mr. Son Van (49 years old, living in Kinh Ngai 1 hamlet, Soc Trang). This is a male duck, white feathers, weighing about 3 kg, raised by Mr. Van for the past half year, according to Zing newspaper.

Since the day the white duck was raised, whenever Mr. Van went to the neighbor’s house to play or go to the market to drink coffee, the animal also followed suit, making many people excited.

According to Mr. Van, in the countryside, chicken and duck are a regular dish, but since the duck follows him, this farmer is “bored” of duck meat. He and his wife agreed not to butcher this animal and continue to raise it. A week ago, someone came to Mr. Van’s house and asked to buy a duck for 10 million VND, but the owner did not sell it.

What a lovely uncle, isn’t it, guys!

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