• February 20, 2024

Despite being offered $100,000,000, the ailing Mike Tyson once turned down a boxing match against a WWE star.

Mike Tyson, a legendary figure in the history of boxing, attained great fame and fortune as one of the highest-earning athletes during his era. With an impressive record of more than 50 victories, including 44 knockouts, Tyson reigned supreme in the boxing ring. However, despite his remarkable success, he encountered significant financial challenges in the following years. Surprisingly, even after retiring from professional boxing, Tyson had a chance to engage in a single match against a WWE superstar, with the potential to earn a staggering $100 million.

In 2020, despite his ailing health, Mike Tyson made a noteworthy decision to end his retirement and face off against Roy Jones Jr. in a highly anticipated match. Though the prospect of such substantial financial compensation was alluring, Tyson surprisingly turned down an offer to fight the WWE superstar for the massive sum.

Tyson’s refusal to pursue this incredibly lucrative opportunity suggests that there are other factors at play, influencing his decisions within the realm of boxing.

Mike Tyson revealed during an appearance on the Full Send podcast with Nelk Boys and Dana White that he turned down a $100 million fight offer against Logan Paul. The WWE superstar who challenged him was none other than Logan Paul himself. Tyson mentioned that despite the lucrative offer, he feels that something is missing, and he is experiencing changes in his body, such as losing muscle mass. He expressed his hesitation towards engaging in such fights for huge sums of money, suggesting that he may no longer pursue such opportunities in the future.

Logan Paul has established himself as a prominent figure in the world of celebrity boxing, boasting considerable popularity and drawing a large audience. His previous high-profile match against renowned boxer Floyd Mayweather resulted in substantial pay-per-view revenues, solidifying his position in the sport.

Nevertheless, Mike Tyson, despite being tempted by the lucrative offer to fight Logan Paul, made a deliberate choice to decline the opportunity. His decision was influenced by his age and the physical changes he experienced, including a loss of fitness and muscle mass. Tyson recognized the potential risks and challenges of stepping back into the ring at this stage of his life.

Even Dana White, a significant figure in the world of combat sports, shared reservations about Tyson’s return to boxing, expressing concern about the potential toll it could take on the boxing legend’s health and well-being. The consensus among both Tyson and industry insiders was that his health and safety were of paramount importance, and thus, the fight with Logan Paul was ultimately not pursued.

Dana White, the prominent figure behind the UFC, has been quite vocal about his disapproval of his longtime friend, Mike Tyson, returning to the boxing ring. Their friendship spans a significant period of time, and White has expressed his concerns to Tyson multiple times regarding his potential comeback. During the podcast, White expressed relief that Tyson chose not to accept Logan Paul’s offer for a fight.

Whenever the subject of Tyson’s return to boxing came up, it often resulted in an angry response from the former heavyweight champion. At 56 years old, White firmly believes that it is not advisable for Tyson to engage in fights anymore, considering the potential risks to his health and well-being.

Instead, during the podcast, White encouraged Tyson to focus on his venture called “Tyson 2.0” and explore alternative avenues to generate income. It appears that White is genuinely concerned about Tyson’s welfare and believes that he can find success and fulfillment in other ventures outside of the boxing ring.

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