• February 23, 2024

Despite being visually and audibly impaired, Piglet the Pink Puppy continues to inspire children on a daily basis.

Regrettably, some breeders neglect to consider the potential health complications that can arise from dog breeding. Piglet, a Chihuahua-Dachshund mix, became a victim of this oversight. Both of his parents possessed the dapple gene, and when two dogs with this coloration mate, there is a 25% chance of producing a “double dapple” puppy. These puppies often experience partial or complete blindness and deafness. Piglet happened to be one of these puppies, rendering him both blind and deaf. However, his condition doesn’t hinder his spirit.

Piglet earned his name due to his light pink coat as a puppy. Despite his enchanting appearance, he requires additional care and affection due to his unique needs. Finding a family willing to provide him with the necessary support was essential.

In a hoarding situation in Georgia, Piglet was discovered among 37 other puppies. Eventually, he was transported to Connecticut, where he crossed paths with veterinarian Melissa Shapiro. Initially intending to foster Piglet, Shapiro quickly developed a deep affection for him. Within a mere two months of caring for him, she realized that Piglet belonged by her side permanently.

With already six dogs in her care, Shapiro was thrilled to welcome Piglet into her family. Although Piglet demands a significant amount of her time and effort, the rewards are immeasurable.

In the beginning, tending to Piglet seemed akin to a full-time occupation. He formed a strong bond with Shapiro and would vocalize his anxiety through loud screams, which seemed to be his default state. Due to extreme separation anxiety, Shapiro couldn’t leave him alone during the initial month.

Following several months in his forever home, Piglet established a comforting routine and gradually found solace in his new environment. He thoroughly enjoys playing with his canine siblings, embarking on walks, and even accompanies Shapiro on business trips. Piglet adamantly refuses to allow his unique needs to hinder his pursuit of a joyful and fulfilling canine life.

Piglet’s transformative journey has become a source of inspiration for others.

When a compassionate third-grade teacher in Plainville, Massachusetts, caught wind of Piglet’s remarkable tale, she felt compelled to share it with her students. She enthusiastically discussed Piglet’s unwavering positivity and how it enabled him to overcome challenges. Moreover, Piglet encourages children to embrace and celebrate diversity, emphasizing the beauty of differences.

The children have embraced Piglet as a role model to foster a growth mindset, inspiring them to adopt a “Piglet frame of mind.” When confronted with challenges, they ask themselves, “What would Piglet do?” This approach aids in their personal development and resilience. The young ones express their admiration for Piglet by regularly creating and sending him heartfelt hand-drawn cards, a gesture that brings immense joy to both Shapiro and Piglet.

Not only does Piglet’s family find ways to spread positivity and inspiration, but they also actively contribute to the welfare of special needs rescue dogs. They have established a fundraising initiative by selling Piglet-themed merchandise, including t-shirts, stickers, magnets, and bags. The response has been remarkable, with their efforts resulting in over $30,000 raised and donated towards supporting special needs rescue dogs.

Piglet’s website serves as a valuable resource, offering a collection of informative PDFs designed for classroom use. Beyond his role as an inspiration to both humans and dogs, Piglet dedicates himself to promoting adoption and spreading joy to individuals worldwide.

Looking ahead, Shapiro and Piglet remain committed to helping and inspiring others. Despite the challenges Piglet faced during his early years, his story has transformed him into an emblem of friendship and acceptance, thanks to Shapiro’s unwavering care and support. Piglet’s journey serves as a powerful inspiration for people to consider adoption, particularly for pets with special needs like him. While they may require extra care, the rewards they bring into people’s lives are undoubtedly priceless.

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