• February 23, 2024

Dog Rescued 1 Year Ago Still To Hug His New Mom Every Day She Comes Back Home

Meet Kylo, a rescue doggie whose gratitude for being saved from a shelter is evident in his loving and cuddly nature. As soon as his human mom, Meghan Sweers, enters their house, Kylo can’t wait to snuggle and hug her. Sweers shared that whenever she sits down to take off her shoes, Kylo promptly climbs into her lap, seeking to be held. Even if she doesn’t have time for their cuddle session, Kylo follows her around with a sorrowful and pleading expression until she gives in and embraces him.

However, Kylo’s life wasn’t always filled with such affection. When he was just 10 months old, he was surrendered to a shelter and then spent a considerable amount of time in a foster home, where nobody showed interest in adopting him despite his goofy and endearing nature. That changed when Sweers and her husband arrived, giving Kylo the loving home he had been waiting for.

After Sweers and her husband decided to give Kylo a trial night with their other dog, Nellie, they wanted to ensure their compatibility. A volunteer from the rescue organization drove Kylo four hours to Sweers’ home, and from the moment he arrived, it was clear that something special was about to unfold.

Kylo’s first night at their home turned out to be absolutely perfect. He crawled into Sweers’ lap, nestled his head under her chin, and began snoring contentedly. Sweers recalled that moment, saying, “From that moment, my husband and I knew he was staying with us!” Kylo had found his forever home.

Filled with gratitude for his newfound loving family, Kylo now showers love on everyone he meets. Sweers humorously mentioned that he wins people over in a slightly forceful manner—by climbing into their laps and falling asleep. The love and affection Kylo shares with his family and others is a testament to the deep bond he quickly formed with his new forever home.

Kylo’s unwavering love for his mom is truly heartwarming! He never misses a day without showering her with kisses and hugs. Every night, he eagerly waits by the door, eagerly anticipating his beloved mom’s return. It’s a beautiful example of unconditional love, and it highlights the joy and fulfillment that having a pet can bring into our lives.

It’s incredibly precious to see how much Kylo adores his mom. The affectionate hugs he shares with her are truly special. Thank you for rescuing him and providing him with a loving home. Your care and devotion have made a significant difference in his life. We should also express our gratitude to all the individuals and organizations involved in rescuing and adopting these helpless, loving, and deserving animals.

Kylo’s love for his mom is genuine and heartfelt. Let’s send our love to his mom and give her a big kiss. It’s a beautiful testament to the power of true love!

May God bless this adorable pup and his hero. If you found this story interesting, please share it with your friends and family so that they can experience the joy and love that pets bring into our lives.

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