• April 11, 2024

Dog Sneaks Away From Home Wandering In The Woods To Befriend Wild Deer

A dog cunningly escapes from home and roams through the woods to form a friendship with wild deer.

Experiencing your beloved pet running away is undeniably one of the most distressing feelings in the world. You are left clueless about their whereabouts, uncertain about their activities, and concerned whether they are safe or in need of assistance. Rachel Howatt knows this feeling all too well.

In December of last year, Rachel’s husky named Koda managed to escape and bolted away. Despite her extensive search in the nearby woods around her house in Manitoba, Canada, Koda remained elusive. However, a few days later, Koda returned home as if nothing had happened. It was only through later surveillance footage that revealed Koda’s adventurous escapade.

“After all the searching we did, she simply returned on her own. She’s incredibly clever, so I never doubted her ability to find her way back,” Koda’s owner later expressed to the media. Thankfully, the husky came back unharmed and in good health. However, a few days after Koda’s return, her owner decided to reach out to their neighbor. It turned out that the neighbor had a trail camera installed in the woods near their residence, so they decided to inquire about any potential sightings of Koda.

Not only were the cameras able to capture Koda’s presence, but they also documented her unexpected companion—a male deer. The footage reveals the buck snuggling up next to the husky, engaging in activities such as eating and napping together. Throughout the entire evening, Koda can be seen joyfully playing and simply enjoying the company of the deer, who appeared completely unperturbed by her presence.

“It was truly something remarkable,” Rachel shared with the media. “Based on the duration they spent together in the footage, it seemed like they spent more than 12 hours in each other’s company. There’s even another photo where two bucks are pictured alongside her.”

This occurrence of wild deer befriending lost or wandering animals is not unprecedented. There have been instances where deer have embraced stray cows and even cats as part of their own when they encounter each other in wooded areas.

Although Howatt will make every effort to prevent Koda from running off again in the future, she has a hunch that the dog will desire to return to the woods to reunite with her newfound wild friend.

“Huskies possess such an independent and adventurous nature,” Howatt remarked. “It doesn’t surprise me in the least that Koda was eager to forge a new friendship.”


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