• April 13, 2024

Dogs “Duo” in Vietnam are famous for international social networks

Doi Dog, also known as Nguyen Van Dui. The baby was given a lovely name by his owner. Dui is an ancient dog breed in the northern mountainous region of our country. The puppy was bought by the owner from a H’mong couple. Mr. Hai Anh – the owner of Dui said the possibility that the Dui is a hybrid dog.

Possessing a gray fur, Dui easily makes people fall in love with his innocent appearance. Dui’s short, running legs look very cute. With sharp eyes and dodging eyes, Duu on the picture always has funny and funny pictures. Therefore, within a few days of posting photos on social networks, baby Dui became famous quickly.

Not only famous in Vietnam, Dui’s cuteness has reached the international level. Her fanpage has quickly gained 40,000 likes in just a few days of establishment. Baby is a new “Idol” in the world of pet dogs

Dui’s special thing is that it is very cat-like and has pointed ears. Mr. Tuan and Mr. Hai Anh – the owner of Dui in Hanoi – named it Nguyen Van Dui and he bought it from a Hmong couple in the northern mountains.

It is not known exactly what breed the Doi belongs to. However, some people believe that its origin comes from an ancient Vietnamese dog breed.

Pet lovers usually prefer either dog or cat but now there is a furry creature that can please lovers of both.

The website of the world-famous digital publisher Bored Panda posted a whole cluster of photos. It was a playful looking puppy about 10 weeks old, showing his tongue and wagging his tail happily as he played outside in the yard with other dogs.

More than 43,000 Dui fans on the fanpage are ecstatic because of its cuteness with thousands of comments and memes.

However, Dui’s owner told Metro.co.uk news site that Dui is a cross between a dog breed originating in Vietnam and can be crossed with the Dingo. “But I think Doi can also have a genetic mutation. Doi is a happy and sweet dog, he likes to play with other dogs, even big dogs and is very cute with people” – Tuan speak.

What a lovely dog, isn’t it!

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