• April 10, 2024

Floyd Mayweather Jr claiming: “I’m better than Muhammad Ali, I call myself TBE (The Best Ever).”

Floyd Mayweather Jr. stood by his previous statement, refusing to back down from his claim of being a better fighter than Muhammad Ali. While acknowledging Ali’s remarkable career and his contributions beyond the boxing ring, Mayweather asserted that he has achieved just as much in boxing, all without experiencing the losses that Ali endured throughout his career.

Mayweather referred to himself as “The Best Ever” (TBE), drawing a parallel to Ali’s self-proclaimed title of “The Greatest.” He anticipated criticism for his comments but expressed his indifference towards the backlash, emphasizing that he is unfazed by the opinions of others.

Mayweather’s unwavering confidence and self-belief in his own abilities contribute to the ongoing debate about boxing greatness, adding fuel to the discussion surrounding his comparison to Ali and his own legacy in the sport.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. had previously claimed that he was superior to both Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Robinson, using his undefeated 47-0 record as evidence. He specifically mentioned that he would not have lost to a fighter like Leon Spinks, who defeated an aging Ali in 1978 with just seven professional fights.

Mayweather pointed to Ali’s loss to Spinks and a few other defeats in his career, noting that despite those losses, Ali is still regarded as “The Greatest” because of his overall impact and image. Mayweather acknowledged the perception and reputation that fighters build throughout their careers, recognizing that Ali’s legacy was shaped by the narrative he established.

Regarding his own upcoming fight, Mayweather acknowledged the magnitude of the event but emphasized that he does not approach it with excessive pressure. Instead, he prefers to view his opponent as an extremely talented fighter while focusing on his own approach as Floyd Mayweather, staying true to his own style and abilities.

While Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s self-assuredness has been a key aspect of his successful career, many boxing historians and experts hold a different view regarding his place in boxing’s historical hierarchy. This includes the current heavyweight champion, Wladimir Klitschko, who shared his perspective on Mayweather’s claims during a press conference in New York. Klitschko suggested that it is the people who determine who the true king is, rather than someone declaring themselves as such.

Klitschko emphasized that people’s opinions shape the perception of greatness in boxing and that Mayweather’s self-proclaimed status does not automatically grant him that recognition.

Meanwhile, Mayweather himself remained confident in his abilities and financial success, expressing that he has made wise investments and has the option to retire if he wishes to do so.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. credited a well-executed game plan for his achievement of being the first fighter to earn a nine-figure paycheck in a single night. However, he noted that he has undergone a change in recent years, adopting a more subdued approach and leaving behind the flamboyant personas of “Pretty Boy” and “Money May” that he used to promote his previous pay-per-view fights.

Mayweather recognized that the upcoming fight does not require excessive promotion, and as a result, he has been more reserved in his public appearances. He acknowledged that in the past, he relied on a loud voice and a strong personality to sell his fights, but with age and experience, he has matured and no longer feels the need for excessive trash-talking.

Regarding Freddie Roach’s attempts to portray Mayweather as the villain in the fight promotion, Mayweather dismissed the attempts, noting that fighters themselves do not engage in such characterizations. He acknowledged that Roach is entitled to his opinions but emphasized that, ultimately, the fight comes down to the two fighters and their skills inside the ring.

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