• February 19, 2024

Former Stray Dog Adopts 8 Tiny Pigs And Takes Care Of Them Like Her Babies

When Wes Trevor, the proprietor of ‘Spectrum Plants Gold Coast’ in Australia, discovered ailing 8 tiny pigs, he acted promptly and welcomed them into his care. Initially, they nourished the piglets with specialized food to help them regain their strength. However, something unforeseen occurred afterward.

Treasure, a once stray boxer breed dog, spotted the pigs, and her maternal instincts immediately kicked in. She took on the role of a caring mother and started looking after the piglets as if they were her very own. Surprisingly, she even began producing milk, and the tiny pigs happily nursed from their newfound mama dog.


Wes was initially uncertain about the health implications of this arrangement for both the dog and the pigs. However, after consulting with a vet, he received reassurance that it was perfectly fine as long as the piglets received additional nutritional support and did not harm the dog.


This heartwarming tale once again serves as a testament to the incredible compassion and nurturing nature of dogs, showcasing what amazing creatures they truly are.

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