• February 23, 2024

Freedom for a dog after 19 years

Dog Who Spent 19 Yeаrs On Chаin Experienсes Freedom For First Time. No more chain after 19 years. Now he is in the shelter

The owner of the dog said that the dog is 19 years old , he said that he remembers very well that he had him as a puppy from April 2004.

Ask the owner if the poor dog was ever free and the answer was that he was free only a few times when he escaped from the chain , maybe 2 or 3 times . The dog is in a shocking condition so close to die.

Lucky for the dog, it was discovered and taken to an animal rescue center by a rescue team.

At the center, the dog was checked for health, given additional care and nutrition, and met some new friends.

It is heartwarming to know that the dog was finally free after being chained for 19 years.

Dogs are social animals, and chaining them for a long time can lead to both psychological and physical problems. It is important for pet owners to ensure that their pets receive enough exercise, social interaction, and veterinary care.

It is great to see people like you stepping up and making the world a better place for animals in need. Thank you for your efforts in rescuing this poor dog and giving them a chance to experience freedom and a better life.

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