• April 11, 2024

Golden Retriever Barclay Befriended A Duck And They Are Inseparable Besties.

We have indeed witnessed numerous adorable animal romances, as evidenced by the abundance of heartwarming interspecies encounters on the internet. These encounters challenge the belief that empathy and inclusion are exclusively human traits.

In one such unique friendship, a feisty duck has chosen an unlikely best friend—a loving golden retriever. Pam Ishiguro, the proud owner of a flock of seven ducks, has witnessed a special bond between her four-year-old Pekin duck named Rudy and her golden retriever, Barclay. Despite their different species, Rudy and Barclay have formed a remarkably strong and close connection.

According to the mum from Orange County, the dynamic between Rudy the duck and Barclay the golden retriever resembles the relationship between her two sons. They share a love-hate bond, often engaging in playful chasing and jumping when they are together. However, when separated, they express their longing for each other through constant calling.

Rudy, one of the seven ducks Pam Ishiguro keeps, has formed a special friendship with Barclay, the golden retriever. Their companionship is truly heartwarming to witness, even though their unique connection is primarily motivated by a shared interest in food. Initially, when Pam introduced the flock of ducks, Barclay wasn’t thrilled, but their friendship blossomed over time.

Initially, the dog, Barclay, showed little interest in the ducks. However, he quickly realized that befriending them came with the benefit of an endless supply of food. According to the owner of the ducks, Barclay enjoys eating the same food as the ducks, further strengthening their bond.

Despite their unconventional pairing, the dog and duck share a deep affection for each other. Although Rudy, the duck, tends to assert dominance over Barclay and often takes charge, the two still get along well, as observed by Ishiguro.

Describing their relationship as a love-hate dynamic, Ishiguro explained that when they are together, they engage in playful leaping and chasing. However, when separated, they constantly call out to each other. It seems like they exhibit typical sibling behavior. Check out the video below.

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