• February 20, 2024

Hero Dog Breaks Into Nursery to Save His Human Baby Girl’s Life After She Stopped Breathing In The Mid Night

Our pets are a source of blessings to us, loving us in a way no human can and remaining loyal until the very end. They shield us from every danger that crosses our path, and this dog truly deserves a medal for its unwavering dedication to its family.

Kelly Andrew shared that her dog, Henry, persistently broke into her daughter’s nursery and woke her up. Frustrated, Kelly expressed her exasperation with the dog as her baby was unwell. Little did she realize that he would ultimately be the reason she is alive today.

“Last night, the dog persistently broke into the nursery and woke the baby up. She had been sick, and I was becoming increasingly frustrated with him. Until she suddenly stopped breathing,” Andrew wrote.

She added, “We rushed to the hospital and spent the night there. I can’t imagine what would have happened if he hadn’t woken her up. Dogs are truly incredible.”

Later, the mother provided an update about the dog and her daughter’s health, saying, “The baby is much better today, and we’re back home with Henry, who bravely guarded the fort all night despite his fear of the dark.”

Andrew then expressed gratitude to Connecticut Children’s Hospital for the excellent healthcare they provided.

The post has gone viral on the microblogging platform, garnering an impressive response with more than 102.5K likes and over 10,000 retweets.

On Twitter, people also shared heartwarming stories of how their pets saved their lives. One user recounted a touching experience where their cat acted heroically. Many years ago, the cat used to sleep with the user in their crib. One night, the cat sensed something was wrong and tried to wake the user’s parents multiple times. After being disregarded, the cat took matters into its own paws and peed on the user’s dad’s chest. Then, it quickly returned to the crib where the user was, finding them in a critical condition, specifically suffering from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

Another Twitter user shared a remarkable incident involving their service dog. For an extended period, the service dog repeatedly entered their parents’ room during the night, sniffing their dad’s face and nudging him persistently. Despite their attempts to push the dog away, it would come back and continue its behavior. Eventually, it was discovered that the dog’s actions were due to an intuitive awareness of a health issue. As soon as the dad received a pacemaker, the dog ceased its nightly visits, indicating its incredible ability to sense and respond to medical emergencies.

These touching stories highlight the deep bond between humans and their pets and showcase the remarkable intuition and life-saving abilities that some animals possess.

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