• February 23, 2024

Meet Chata, The Adorable Kitten That’s Going Viral On Instagram For His Hilarious Sleeping Habits

Chata, a Munchkin kitten with calico fur, has become an internet sensation due to his hilarious sleeping habits.

While Munchkin kittens are already cute, Chata takes it to the next level with his preferred sleeping position: flat on his back. This posture makes him look almost human-like or even similar to Snoopy, the beloved cartoon dog.

Whether he’s lying down or sitting up, Chata is always sweet and endearing. His owner shares beautiful photos of him on Instagram under the handle chavatar2023, and we’ve gathered some of our favorites below.

What’s remarkable about Chata is how he manages to have the biggest eyes we’ve ever seen on such a tiny kitten. His cuteness is simply irresistible!



Chata is a little calico kitten from Japan, who prefers to sleep straight as a plank on his back.


The effect is so human-like that he resembles one of the most popular cartoon dogs, Snoopy.

Chata’s relaxed sleeping position is enhanced by the addition of a little blanket, making him look even cuter.

His big eyes and fluffy belly make us want to pet him even more. It’s clear that Chata must feel very happy and comfortable in his home to be able to sleep so soundly.

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