• February 23, 2024

Mike Tyson Claims He Will Beat Floyd Mayweather In A Street Fight

Heavyweight legend Mike Tyson asserts that during his prime, he would have easily defeated Floyd Mayweather in a street fight.

Recently, Mike Tyson responded to questions posed by his fans on social media. One of the notable questions was: “Who would win in a street fight, prime Mike Tyson or Floyd Mayweather?”

“I think I would kick Floyd’s ass if we both fought on the streets. Floyd wouldn’t stand a chance turning that into a fight,” Tyson bluntly replied.

However, immediately after, he added, “But if me and Floyd Mayweather were in the same weight class and standing in the ring, yeah, he would win on points.”

“He has great technique and fighting style, he’s very skilled with his preferred strategies.”

Mike Tyson is not only famous in the ring but also for his encounters and altercations outside the boxing arena. His response on social media partly implies that Mayweather should pay attention to his choice of words. In the past, Mike has had a few confrontations with Floyd Mayweather due to thoughtless comments about Muhammad Ali. This instance might be similar, but Mike still maintains a certain level of respect for Mayweather’s abilities in the ring.

Mike Tyson had an impressive career filled with memorable moments. He became the youngest heavyweight world champion at the age of 20 and within 12 months, he held all the heavyweight championship belts. He retired with a record of 50-6 (44 knockouts).

Mayweather, although not known for many knockout victories like Mike, retired with an impressive record of 50-0.

Watch his interview below:

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