• February 23, 2024

Mike Tyson criticizes Mayweather for fighting solely for money, expresses preference for Manny Pacquiao.

Mike Tyson has voiced his disapproval of Floyd Mayweather’s approach to boxing, stating that Mayweather only fights for financial gain. Tyson believes that Mayweather’s motivation is solely driven by money and lacks the true passion for the boxing. In contrast, Tyson expresses a strong liking for Manny Pacquiao and appreciates his passion for boxing.

In a conversation on the “Hotboxing” Podcast, Mike Tyson criticized Floyd Mayweather for increasingly commercializing boxing. Previously, the “Baddest Man on the Planet” had announced his participation in an exhibition bout in Tokyo, Japan, and expressed his intention to face YouTubers Logan Paul and Jake Paul.

“As time goes on, there are more fighters, like Floyd Mayweather, who commercialize boxing instead of stepping into the ring and simply fighting. Fighters and business cooperate, but we still fight in the true sense,” quoted Mike Tyson.

Mike Tyson has never been fond of Floyd Mayweather, but after accepting a fight against Logan Paul, a famous YouTuber, the legendary Tyson developed a different perspective on his younger counterpart. Tyson welcomed Mayweather’s decision to fight Logan, believing that it would bring more attention to boxing, as the sport has long been overshadowed by MMA events.

Prior to the fight, Mike Tyson even predicted that “Mayweather could easily defeat Logan.” However, after going through 8 rounds, the “Baddest Man on the Planet” couldn’t defeat his opponent.

For the first time, Tyson accepted a draw, which included a situation where it seemed like Logan was knocked out but was saved by the referee. This led both the audience and Tyson to believe that Mayweather deliberately held back to please those who paid for the pay-per-view.

From supporting Mayweather, Tyson immediately shifted his attitude as the fight concluded. The 56-year-old legend wrote on Instagram, “I think Floyd should keep trying. He shouldn’t fight heavier opponents. I believe Logan’s punches caused Mayweather certain injuries.”

Tyson advised Mayweather to have a rematch with Pacquiao, saying, “If he wants to fight, he should choose Pacquiao. He is a worthy opponent, both in terms of physicality and reputation. I think he would earn more money if he had a rematch with Pacquiao.”

Pacquiao previously fought Mayweather in 2015, where the Filipino boxer lost by decision after 12 rounds. Since then, “Pac Man” has made numerous efforts to negotiate a rematch, but Mayweather has shown little interest. With Tyson’s influence, it is hoped that these two famous fighters will plan a second encounter in the near future.

Mike Tyson once considered the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight a “farce.”

The highly anticipated million-dollar bout between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao in 2015 left many disappointed, including renowned American boxer Mike Tyson. Sharing his thoughts on Twitter after the fight, the boxing legend asserted that it was a “farce.” “We waited 5 years for this fight. But it was all a farce,” he said.

Although Mike Tyson is an American like Floyd Mayweather, he has a particular disdain for the boxer. Tyson has a deep appreciation for Manny Pacquiao and supports the Filipino fighter in winning. However, things did not go as Tyson had hoped.

“I only like Manny. It’s not because he likes to play offensively, but because Manny is hard to figure out and hard to hit. Floyd, on the other hand, is just an illusion. He always carries fear and timidity,” shared Mike Tyson.

Throughout his heavyweight career, Mike Tyson stepped into the ring 58 times, winning 50 bouts (44 by knockout). He became the youngest fighter to win the WBC, WBA, and IBF titles at the age of 20. The 48-year-old former boxer was the first to simultaneously hold all three titles. Ring Magazine ranked him 16th on their list of the 100 greatest boxers of all time.

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