• February 24, 2024

Mike Tyson once splashed $2 million on solid gold bathtub for ex-wife who he later caught with Brad Pitt

In his prime, Mike Tyson was renowned for his extravagant persona and numerous extravagant expenditures.

Before plunging into $23 million of debt and declaring bankruptcy, the boxing legend, Mike Tyson, amassed a fortune of $600 million. His fierce demeanor and dominant performances inside the boxing ring were key factors that contributed to his wealth. The former heavyweight champion never hesitated to indulge in lavish spending and once splurged on a gold bathtub worth over two million dollars.

During his heyday, Iron Mike gained a reputation for being flamboyant, frequently making extravagant purchases such as luxurious cars, jewelry, yachts, and more. Among these lavish acquisitions, the 24-karat gold bathtub, which he bought for his then-wife, the actress Robin Givens, remains one of the most outrageous examples.

In 1988, the couple began their relationship and tied the knot after just 11 months. However, their marriage was short-lived, as Givens filed for divorce a year later. Tyson later disclosed that he had caught Givens having an affair with Hollywood actor Brad Pitt. Despite the personal turmoil, Tyson faced financial difficulties and had to sell off many of his assets, including the gold bathtub, to settle his debts after depleting his $600 million fortune.

He eventually sold the bathtub to a billionaire for $1.2 million, which was nearly half its original price. Over time, Mike Tyson has matured and now enjoys a stable relationship and possesses great financial knowledge.

When Hollywood actor Brad Pitt was sleeping with Mike Tyson’s ex-wife

Former heavyweight champion and boxing legend, Mike Tyson, is renowned for his fearsome reputation inside the ring. However, his love life has been marked by turbulence, particularly his marriage with actress Robin Givens. Tyson and Givens began dating in 1988 and quickly got married after just 11 months of being together.

Unfortunately, their marriage was short-lived, and they decided to part ways after only one year. Givens filed for divorce, alleging concerns for her safety and accusing Tyson of ongoing violence. Despite their separation, Tyson continued to visit Givens regularly and maintained a physical relationship with her during the divorce proceedings. However, during one of these visits, Tyson unexpectedly walked in on Givens engaging in intercourse with Brad Pitt.

“I was furious! You should have seen the look on his face when he saw me. Although we were in the process of divorcing, I would still go to her house every day to be intimate with her. I guess Brad Pitt beat me to it that time. He looked like he was about to receive his last rites,” Tyson expressed during an interview.

Currently, the former heavyweight boxer has moved on and built a family with Laikha Spicer and her two children, Milan and Morocco.

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