• April 10, 2024

Mike Tyson ‘Vomited Two Years’ Worth Of Food’ After Taking Brutal Punch From Boxing Legend

After being struck by his former advisor, Mike Tyson revealed that he regurgitated all the food he had consumed in the “previous two years.”

During his youth, Iron Mike crossed paths with boxing icon Bobby Stewart at the Tryon Boys’ Home for juveniles in New York.

Inspired by their encounter, Tyson expressed his aspiration to pursue a career as a professional boxer.

Nonetheless, Stewart harbored doubts about the young fighter’s work ethic and wasn’t immediately convinced of his potential for success.

Nevertheless, he decided to introduce Tyson to the esteemed trainer Cus D’Amato, who played an indispensable role in his growth and development.

Prior to refining his fighting skills, Iron Mike had the opportunity to step into the ring with Stewart, but unfortunately, he was defeated by the older man.

As Tyson threw a flurry of unfocused punches, Stewart patiently awaited his opportunity to strike back.

The experienced and cunning veteran landed a devastating blow to the body, causing his young protégé to stagger.

In his autobiography, 56-year-old Tyson recounted the incident, stating, “I vomited up everything I had eaten in the past two years. ‘What the hell?’ I thought.”

Despite Tyson’s skills being in their early stages, Stewart recognized the immense potential within his raw talent.

In a recollection of a training session with 13-year-old Tyson, Stewart shared, “There was this one time when Mike and I were sparring. He unleashed a powerful jab that nearly knocked me off my feet.

“Thankfully, I had the following week off at Tryon because my nose was broken, and I had a black eye.”

Iron Mike would ultimately achieve greatness, winning the heavyweight championship a mere seven years later. At the age of 20, he became the youngest titleholder in the division’s history by defeating Trevor Berbick in Las Vegas.


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