• April 10, 2024

Mike Tyson’s wild 30th birthday party: Arranging 19 beautiful women in 19 rooms.

Mike Tyson’s 30th birthday party was known for its extravagance and notoriety during his peak as a heavyweight boxing champion.

On June 30, 1966, Mike Tyson, the youngest heavyweight boxing champion in history and a fierce presence in the ring during the 1980s, was born. From this point on, the world witnessed a star with immense talent and numerous flaws, making him one of the most intriguing figures in the history of global sports.

Celebrating his 54th birthday while training for his comeback, the audience no longer sees an overweight Mike Tyson making headlines in sports events. Instead, the legendary boxer has adopted strict diet regimes, utilized stem cell therapy, and dedicated hours each day to regain his form. Furthermore, the former champion has found success in business ventures and rebuilt his personal image.

Mike Tyson’s life in 2020 is much healthier and more peaceful compared to his tumultuous past. Although he may not earn as much money as he did during his prime, it is evident that he enjoys a much more serene existence.

Inside the ring, spectators witnessed the young man from Brooklyn employing the Peek-a-boo boxing style to overpower his opponents. Outside of the ring, his wild and extravagant lifestyle matched his reputation.

In 1996, after serving time in prison and reclaiming the WBC belt with only three fights, many believed that Mike Tyson had learned humility and self-control. However, the legendary puncher admitted, “I got the championship belt back, and that feeling of greatness burst all humility in me.”

In his autobiography, “Undisputed Truth,” Mike Tyson revealed details of the most insane birthday party he ever organized, which would astound anyone who heard about it.

It happened just 10 weeks before Mike Tyson’s WBA title fight against Bruce Seldon. Despite the crucial fight for one of the most significant belts in boxing, Mike decided to indulge in festivities rather than focusing on training.

At his 52-bedroom mansion, Mike Tyson organized a birthday party resembling a Hollywood film event. The WBC champion at the time invited the most prominent personalities, including billionaire financial manager and future US president Donald Trump, rapper Jay-Z, and actress/TV host Oprah Winfrey. He invited guests from all over the country and arranged a nearby hotel for convenience.

“I had 13 chefs with separate kitchens for the party. When guests entered, they walked on a red carpet guarded by 40 towering bodyguards,” shared Mike Tyson.

To satisfy his sexual desires, Mike “Iron” Tyson allocated 19 rooms for his 19 mistresses during the entire time of the party.

“I was so excited that I arranged all the mistresses I wanted to sleep with in that room. I even kicked my girlfriend out of the hotel for convenience. At that moment, I proudly told my bodyguards, ‘Look, they all belong to me,'” Mike shared.

All the opulence and indulgence of Mike Tyson were displayed at that 30th birthday party. Fortunately for him, his subsequent fight against Bruce Seldon went smoothly despite neglecting training. Mike quickly knocked out Seldon in 1 minute and 49 seconds of the first round, reclaiming the prestigious WBA belt.

However, this 30th birthday party was perhaps the last extravagant celebration for Mike Tyson at the peak of his career. Before encountering consecutive failures with Evander Holyfield and facing a series of scandals leading to his declaration of bankruptcy in 2003, it marked the end of an era for the American legend.

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