• April 10, 2024

MMA Bob Sapp continues to challenge Mike Tyson: “He Is Truly Scared – Because Of How Big I Am!”

MMA veteran Bob Sapp has a longstanding connection with boxing icon Mike Tyson, and he refuses to let Tyson off the hook until they resolve their conflict inside the boxing ring!

Recently, Sapp targeted the 57-year-old Tyson in a video, issuing a threat to extract the former heavyweight champion’s heart. During an exclusive interview with MMAnytt, Sapp elaborated on the escalating animosity between himself and Tyson, which dates back to the early 2000s. Sapp also claimed responsibility for motivating Tyson to come out of retirement!

According to Bob Sapp, our involvement with Mike Tyson began in 2003 in Las Vegas. When we first met at the Bellagio, there was a physical altercation involving pushing and shoving. Sapp takes credit for persuading Tyson to end his retirement and return to the boxing ring. Sapp believes that being a fan of Mike Tyson automatically makes someone a fan of his because he claims to be the one responsible for Tyson’s comeback. According to Sapp, Tyson wouldn’t be a topic of discussion today if it weren’t for his involvement.

Originally, Bob Sapp was intended to be Mike Tyson’s opponent for his highly anticipated comeback. However, Tyson ended up facing former four-division world champion Roy Jones Jr. in November 2020. Sapp believes that this fight was arranged to exclude him from the lucrative multimillion-dollar deal. Sapp partly attributes the blame to Tyson’s manager and brother-in-law, Azheem Spicer, but ultimately accuses Tyson himself of being too afraid to accept the fight.

They devised a plan to exclude me because [Tyson] is extremely frightened to face me. I negotiated his fee from 10 million to 20 million, and then it escalated to 50 million. Eventually, we settled on a sale for 30 million dollars, with the pay-per-view earnings potentially reaching 50 million. However, the plan fell apart because Azheem demanded a significant portion of the money for himself. Additionally, Tyson became even more fearful after seeing a picture of me, which resulted in further price increases.

This guy is genuinely, genuinely, genuinely terrified. We acknowledge that his fear stems from my appearance and size. It’s messed up, but I can understand it because other guys are also scared.

Bob Sapp is truly a unique individual, as at 48 years old, his physique resembles that of a superhero rather than a man approaching fifty. “The Beast” Sapp reveals that the recent photos showcasing his impressive physique have attracted a lot of attention and some unusual challenges.

Let’s discuss the notable professionals who have challenged me, but are actually scared: Mike Tyson, Thor from Game of Thrones (referring to actor Hafthor Bjornsson), Shaquille O’Neal, and Evander Holyfield. However, we had difficulty understanding Holyfield because he suffers from speech impairment due to repeated blows to the head, making his speech unclear. As a result, we couldn’t determine whether he accepted or declined the offer, but considering his condition, it was deemed too risky to bring him into the ring due to the extent of his neurological impairment.

Despite having numerous options available, Sapp remains determined to settle the score with Tyson, and he has an ambitious plan that he is preparing to execute in Thailand alongside his close friend Samer Suojhayer, the CEO of Yuth Sport Gear.

The number of offers we have received is overwhelming. We are currently in discussions, contemplating the immense scale this event could reach. Bob Sapp versus Mike Tyson, right here in Thailand – Let’s make it happen!

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