• February 23, 2024

Olivia Dunne’s Bold Take on Mike Tyson In The 2023 ESPY Awards

The 2023 ESPY Awards kicked off on a positive note, with numerous sports stars in attendance. Athletes from different fields walked the red carpet, captivating the hearts of millions with their style. Among them, LSU star Olivia Dunne made a notable appearance, dazzling the crowd with her black outfit and setting new fashion standards.

Yet, it wasn’t just her fashion that caught the attention of her fans. Dunne’s bold tribute to the legendary ‘baddest Man on the Planet,’ Mike Tyson, turned heads and sparked intrigue.

Olivia Dunne graced the red carpet at the ESPY Awards with elegance, radiating confidence in a black cutout gown that accentuated her athletic physique. She solidified her status as a true fashion icon, exuding allure effortlessly.

In the meantime, the charismatic and enigmatic figure, Mike Tyson, made a striking appearance at the ESPYs. Sporting a gray shirt, a light-colored blazer, and dark-colored pants, he commanded attention and showcased his trademark charm while mingling with fellow athletes. Accompanied by his daughter, Milan Tyson, the boxing legend left a lasting impression on the star-studded event.

During the ESPYs, a special moment occurred when Mike Tyson and Olivia Dunne crossed paths. Capturing the encounter, Olivia Dunne shared the resulting image on her Instagram handle. In the caption, the gymnast playfully wrote, “Swipe to see my security.” The picture showcased Dunne’s confident smile as she stood beside Tyson, who reciprocated with a warm and welcoming grin. The iconic picture garnered a flood of fan reactions, further highlighting the impact of their encounter.

The comments section on Dunne’s post became filled with excitement and amusement. When a fan questioned Mike Tyson’s height, asking, “Is Mike Tyson only 5’8?,” a lighthearted conversation ensued. Another fan quickly chimed in, correcting the misunderstanding by stating, “He’s 5’10.” A third fan joined in with a humorous twist, adding, “57 years old and he would knock the three of us heads off.” The banter continued, keeping the comment section lively.

In another comment, a fan expressed their admiration, saying, “I would definitely not want to mess with you with him as security.” One fan’s comment brought smiles to everyone’s faces as they remarked, “Glad to see your ears are still intact,” referring playfully to Tyson’s well-known encounter with Evander Holyfield. This playful reference added a touch of nostalgia and humor to the reactions. Even Olivia Dunne’s mom, known for her own wit, joined in the fun with a hilarious comment.

She amusingly cautioned her daughter, saying, “Just don’t steal his tiger,” in reference to Tyson’s famous ownership of Bengal tigers. Dunne responded in kind, appreciating her mom’s humor, and replied, “Good one, mom.” The comments section transformed into a vibrant hub of laughter, adoration, and shared excitement for what these extraordinary athletes have in store for the future.

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