• February 24, 2024

“Patron” Bob Arum: Mike Tyson could potentially D.I.E if he faces Tyson Fury

Concerned about the health of “Iron Mike,” Bob Arum has decided not to arrange a showdown between Tyson and Tyson Fury. In recent days, there have been rumors that Tyson Fury could be the opponent for the legendary Mike Tyson’s return to the ring. Even WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman has hinted at the possibility of this dream match taking place.

However, Bob Arum, the representative of Tyson Fury, shows no excitement about a fight between Tyson and Tyson. According to the 88-year-old promoter, the current abilities of both fighters are too disparate.

“If they are serious about this matchup, I would not participate because it could result in someone’s death. Mike should not step into the ring and face an opponent who is at the peak of their game. It’s unjust and should not be encouraged by anyone. But if both of them just want to spar with each other, then that’s fine. If they spar for charitable purposes, it would be fantastic.”

On Fury’s side, despite revealing that he has received an offer to fight “Iron Mike,” the WBC champion remains skeptical that this showdown will actually happen. Currently, the British boxer is training intensely to prepare for his upcoming bout. Bob Arum hopes that Fury will quickly resolve the Wilder situation in order to unify the belts with Anthony Joshua.

“Next year, there will be a huge fight between Fury and Joshua. It will be a grand spectacle regardless of where it takes place, whether in the US, the UK, or any other location. And there are other fights as well. We have Fury vs. Wilder, and we hope it can happen in November or December. This fight could take place in the US or Macau (China), depending on the circumstances. We will consider all options,” added the renowned promoter.

As for Mike Tyson, Arum confirms that negotiations are underway with several potential opponents. Even the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC) has reportedly offered “Iron Mike” a $20 million contract, but no agreement has been reached yet.

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