• May 18, 2024

Pet ‘Bubble Puppy’ Gets to Experience Life Beyond a Constrained Environment

Previously, Sally, the baby pup, could only withstand a few seconds outside of her oxygen chamber, which was essential to her survival.

Kathryn, a veterinary technician, initially encountered Sally when she was in critical condition. The pup had been surrendered to her by a breeder who could no longer provide for her. Sally was suffering from pneumonia and struggling to breathe, appearing “blue” to Kathryn.

Fortunately, Kathryn had an oxygen chamber prepared, which she referred to as a “bubble,” to provide Sally with the oxygen she required.

Upon placing Sally inside the chamber, Kathryn realized that the pup was dependent on oxygen and would require an extended stay. Sally was experiencing respiratory issues, and her lungs needed time to recover and strengthen.

Over the next few days and weeks, Kathryn tended to Sally’s needs both inside and outside of her oxygen chamber. Unfortunately, the resilient pup could not survive without the chamber, as she would immediately struggle to breathe after just a few seconds.

Despite her illness, Sally displayed an eagerness to live like a typical puppy. She would express herself by licking the walls of her chamber and looking out at the world beyond. Sally wanted to play and enjoy her life like any other pup, but her body was not yet able to cooperate.

Kathryn refused to give up on Sally’s determined spirit.

Throughout Sally’s recovery and strengthening process, they would bring her and her oxygen chamber along with them to experience new things beyond the confines of the chamber. This continued until the day Sally began pawing at her bubble, indicating her desire to explore the world outside.

Although Sally could only last for about 15 seconds outside of her bubble, her respiratory issues didn’t dampen her enthusiasm for the outside world. Kathryn made the decision to incorporate Sally’s brief trips outside the chamber into their routine, as it would help strengthen her lungs. Over the following weeks, Kathryn gradually extended the intervals during which Sally could be without her oxygen support.

Thanks to the daily exercise, Sally’s breathing improved from lasting only 15 seconds to being able to go without oxygen support for 3 minutes. As she continued to grow, her oxygen chamber needed to be adjusted, so Kathryn came up with an ingenious solution to make it larger, enabling Sally to walk around and not just lie down.

One day, they took Sally outside, and she relished the feel of the sun and played on the grass, thoroughly enjoying being free from her chamber. However, her lungs were still not strong enough to withstand being outside for an extended period, so they returned her to the bubble. As Sally’s health improved, they even allowed her to come in and out of her chamber freely, having come a long way since being confined to her tiny world.

Then, one day, Sally decided that she no longer wanted to be confined in her bubble. To Kathryn’s surprise, Sally was able to breathe perfectly fine without her oxygen support for 30 minutes.

While Kathryn still exercised precautionary measures and put Sally back inside the bubble, the determined pup managed to sneak out before the door was even closed. It was clear that Sally no longer wanted to be in the chamber.

Once Sally was given a clean bill of health, Kathryn’s co-worker Bonnie, who had been present throughout Sally’s recovery process, stepped in to adopt her. Sally was warmly welcomed into her new home with her new dog siblings and enjoyed her first walk in the park, a dip in the pool, and even got to pick out her first toy. She is no longer the sickly pup confined to a bubble and is now living life to the fullest in the real world.



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