• April 10, 2024

Rescuer helped a kitten named Hildy overcome a collapsed lung

It’s amazing to hear how Jessica Ruf, a kitten rescuer from Melbourne, Australia, helped Hildy, a grey and white kitten, overcome a collapsed lung and swimmer syndrome. Despite the challenges, Jessica provided the necessary care for Hildy, including a special chest plate, taping her legs, and using a Miracle Nipple to help her learn to suckle on her own. However, she received a special name, Hildy.

Jessica fosters cats and kittens with The Kitten Carer Rescue in Melbourne, Australia.

“Welcome little Hildy! Norwegian for ‘battle women’! A strong name for a strong girl.

When Hildy arrived in late February, the rescuers suspected the 3-week-old grey and white kitten had flat-chested kitten syndrome (FCKS), caused by a collapsed lung. When this happens, a kitten can have a flattened chest, difficulty breathing, and problems like swimmer syndrome.

Kittens that swim? What is that? Put simply, it means kittens crawl flat with their legs out to the sides. As they crawl, they appear to be swimming on the carpet. In Hildy’s case, her hind legs were affected.

“When she first came into care, she looked like a starfish,” Ruf stated.

To help the kitten’s lungs, she would wear a special chest plate. Also, they would try to remedy the kitten’s splayed legs by taping them. At the same time, they would work with a Miracle Nipple, which helped her learn to suckle on her own for the first time.

After going to the veterinarian for X-rays, it was confirmed that Hildy had FCKS and would need splinting every three days to create the effect of positive air pressure and gradually re-inflate her lungs. She also needed splinting on her front and hind legs to correct her swimmers syndrome.

Although the veterinary care was expensive, a successful raffle raised enough money to buy a special “Humidicrib” to help Hildy recover. With daily exercises on a soft carpeted surface, Hildy’s legs grew strong, and her lung began to re-inflate thanks to the Humidicrib.

Despite the challenges faced by Hildy, including wearing a special chest plate and having her legs taped, she was able to make remarkable progress with the help of her rescuer and supporters. The successful raffle to purchase a special “Humidicrib” for Hildy is a testament to the power of community support in animal rescue efforts.

Fortunately, the tiny kitten survived the week and even started eating some wet food along with her formula. Then, a successful raffle raised enough to buy a special “Humidicrib” to help Hildy recover.

“She no longer needs to waste energy keeping warm and can focus on growing, as well as supporting her breathing with only one lung!” Ruf posted to Facebook.

Despite the uncertain prognosis, Hildy was making rapid improvements by early March. Already, her swimmer syndrome was much-improved, and she could move around without her legs taped.

“Hildy no longer has her leg straps on her front, and hind legs as her legs are now healing and growing in the normal position instead of splaying outwards! When she first came into care, she looked like a starfish. She does sometimes sit funny, or her legs give way, but we hope as she grows, her legs will grow normal ”

Later, she would see a specialist to monitor her progress.

As she grew, Hildy became confident and ever-hungry, demanding her breakfast.

“Someone was starving this morning!! How dare I take so long to prepare little Hildy’s breakfast!

It’s great to hear that Hildy was making progress and overcoming her health challenges after seeing a specialist in mid-March. According to Jessica Ruf, Hildy’s lung was beginning to re-inflate thanks to the Humidicrib, and with daily exercise on a soft carpeted surface, they expected her legs to grow strong.

A Humidicrib is a special device that helps regulate humidity and temperature for premature or sick infants, and in this case, it was used to provide a safe and supportive environment for Hildy to recover. The daily exercises on a soft surface would help her develop her leg muscles and overcome her swimmer syndrome.

Jessica is a dedicated caregiver who goes above and beyond to provide the necessary medical attention and care for animals in her care. She has a special interest in caring for kittens with special needs, such as Hildy, who arrived with a collapsed lung and swimmer syndrome.

Despite juggling her responsibilities as a student and mom, Jessica is committed to providing a safe and loving home for the animals she fosters. She also uses social media to share updates on the animals in her care and to raise awareness about the importance of animal rescue and care.

Overall, Jessica is an inspiring example of the impact that individuals can have in the world of animal rescue and care. Her dedication, compassion, and hard work have made a positive impact on the lives of many cats and kittens in need.

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