• February 23, 2024

Rescuing a 9-Weeks Pregnant Dog Left Outside Shelter

A heartwarming tale unfolded at IAPA, an animal welfare organization, when a pregnant dog named Mam Nata was abandoned outside their shelter. Despite being at the last stage of her pregnancy, she was left alone and scared. When the staff found her, they worked hard to make her feel comfortable, but it was a challenge due to her delicate condition.

After some time, Mam Nata opened up and grew comfortable around the volunteers. Tests were scheduled for the following day to check on her delicate condition. The staff was delighted to find out that Mam Nata was carrying a litter of 14 healthy and beautiful puppies.

Natajuli, a staff member, was granted permission to acquire the necessary supplies for the delivery, and she was successful in doing so. Mam Nata gave birth to a remarkably bright young boy as her firstborn. Later, Natajuli and her 14 adorable puppies went to the vet for a check-up, ultrasound, and blood tests.

Despite her red face, Mam Nata was in good health, and her puppies were too. Seeing how content and proud Mam Nata was with her large brood, the staff couldn’t help but feel emotional and wanted to give them all hugs and kisses because they were just so cute! It is sad to note that Mam Nata was abandoned by her owner due to the fear of her puppies. Nonetheless, the staff at IAPA took care of her and her puppies, ensuring that they had a safe and loving environment to grow in.

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