• February 18, 2024

She Burst into Tears and Felt Heartbroken Witnessing Other Dogs Being Loved and Cherished in the Pet Store.

Hello, Serena! While passing through the pet shop parking lot, I noticed a woman who caught my attention. As I approached her, I noticed two different types of vomit, suggesting that whatever she had been fed did not stay in her stomach.

Upon inquiring inside the shop, I learned that Serena had been there in the afternoon and had been fed by both the shopkeepers and other customers. I wonder how Serena ends up there and how long she has been living on the streets, and who abandoned her in that situation.


It was evident that Serena was terrified of people. However, as I approached her and reassured her that I wouldn’t harm her, she seemed to understand and started following me.

If I had space in my car, I would have offered her a safe place to spend the night. Our priority now is to take her to the clinic as soon as possible for a thorough examination and treatment.

I could see her trembling, seemingly pleading not to be hurt. Serena was wearing an old collar, was dirty, and appeared underweight. Her physical condition also showed signs of the tough life she has endured on the streets.

Despite all that, she struck me as a sweet and kind-hearted young lady, though quite worn out.

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