• April 10, 2024

‘The Beast’ Bob Sapp has gone in on Mike Tyson for not fighting him: “Tyson Is Very Scared To Fight Me”

MMA veteran Bob Sapp commenced his professional career in 2002 with Pride, subsequently transitioning to K-1 where he achieved a brief period of success. His remarkable career spanned 16 years, concluding with his final fights in 2018.

While he emerged victorious in his retirement bout against Abdelrahman Shalan in September 2018, ‘The Beast’ experienced a significant decline in performance leading up to that fight. Prior to his win, Sapp had suffered defeats in 17 of his previous 18 fights, including a streak of 14 consecutive losses. Notably, 15 of those defeats came by way of knockout or technical knockout finishes.

Bob Sapp recently attracted attention by uploading a video online where he targeted Mike Tyson. The 48-year-old made provocative statements, claiming that he would extract Tyson’s heart in the hopes of arranging an exhibition fight between them.

In an interview with MMAnytt.se, Sapp delved into the origins of his conflict with Tyson and discussed the potential showdown, asserting that he was the one responsible for bringing Tyson out of retirement.

Sapp stated, “Our initial interaction took place in Las Vegas back in 2003. There was some pushing and shoving when I met him at the Bellagio. I take credit for enticing him out of retirement. It’s impossible to be a Mike Tyson fan without being a Bob Sapp fan, because I am the person who brought him out of retirement! If it weren’t for me, nobody would be discussing him at all!”

Bob Sapp claims that he was initially set to be Mike Tyson’s opponent for his highly anticipated boxing comeback. However, Sapp alleges that Roy Jones Jr. was brought in as a replacement to exclude him from the lucrative deal.

According to Sapp, he was meant to face Tyson in the match that eventually took place between Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. in November 2020. Sapp believes that this change was orchestrated to prevent him from participating in the multimillion-dollar agreement. While Sapp partially blames Tyson’s manager and brother-in-law Azheem Spicer, he ultimately points a finger at Tyson himself, suggesting that fear played a role in Tyson’s decision not to face him.

Bob Sapp continues to assert that Mike Tyson is scared to fight him. He accuses Azheem Spicer, Tyson’s manager and brother-in-law, of orchestrating a plan to exclude him from the fight and blames Tyson’s fear as the driving force behind it.

According to Sapp, negotiations initially started at $10 million but escalated to $20 million, and eventually settled at $30 million with the potential for an additional $20 million through pay-per-view sales. However, the deal fell apart due to Azheem’s demand for a significant portion of the earnings to go directly into his own pocket. Sapp believes that Tyson’s fear intensified when he saw a picture of him, leading to the subsequent price increases.

Sapp strongly asserts that Tyson is genuinely scared of him, citing his imposing physical stature as the primary reason for Tyson’s apprehension. He acknowledges that other fighters may also be fearful, considering his size and appearance.

Bob Sapp expresses his desire to have the bout against Mike Tyson take place in Thailand. Known for maintaining an impressive physique, particularly for his age, Sapp has attracted significant attention. He mentions other well-known figures, including Thor from Game of Thrones, Shaquille O’Neal, and Evander Holyfield, who have expressed interest in facing him in a similar showcase.

Sapp humorously remarks about Holyfield’s response, noting that it was challenging to understand him due to his slurred speech, which he attributes to being “punch drunk.” He suggests that Holyfield’s condition would make it too dangerous for him to participate in the ring.

While Sapp acknowledges other offers that may be on the table, his primary focus remains securing a match against Tyson. He hints at plans to host the potential event in Thailand, alongside his close friend Samer Suojhayer, the CEO of Yuth Sport Gear. Sapp envisions a significant spectacle, emphasizing his enthusiasm by exclaiming, “Let’s go!”

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