• April 11, 2024

The dark side behind Mike Tyson’s life: Sleeping with 15 women/day, “burning” 65 million USD on partying.

The stories of the dark side behind the eventful life of boxing legend Mike Tyson have been revealed in his autobiography “Undisputed Truth.” One aspect that astonished many is Mike Tyson’s sex addiction.

At the age of 20 years, 4 months, and 22 days, Mike Tyson became the undisputed heavyweight champion of boxing, the youngest fighter to hold the WBC, WBA, and IBF titles simultaneously. Tyson won his first 19 professional fights by knockout, including 12 knockouts in the first round. These accomplishments turned Mike Tyson into a legend in the boxing world.

The stories under the boxing spotlight of “Iron Mike” are well-known to boxing enthusiasts. However, behind the ring, Tyson’s life holds many shocking and unbelievable truths. In his autobiography, “Undisputed Truth,” the most shocking revelations have been unveiled. Few would have suspected that the boxing legend was addicted to sex with an unbelievably high frequency.

Mike Tyson revealed that he used to sleep with 15 women every day.

Coming into boxing at a young age and achieving rapid success, Mike Tyson quickly gained fame and fortune due to his talent. The consecutive victories brought glory to Mike Tyson’s life. At the age of 20, Mike Tyson had an abundance of wealth and fame. However, it was precisely money that became the biggest enemy of his life. He admitted, “My specialty is self-destruction.” Tyson has burned through a staggering $65 million on extravagant parties and indulgence. It was these wild parties that destroyed Mike’s life.

Talented but flawed, the portrait of Mike Tyson’s life is a mixture of light and darkness. The dark side of his life, especially his sexual life, is terrifying. A former bodyguard named Rudy Gonzalez revealed in his autobiography that before Tyson was imprisoned in 1992 for rape, he would sleep with 15 women every day. Mike even needed security guards to prevent him from engaging in sexual activities before each fight.

Despite being imprisoned for rape, it did not stop Tyson from being involved with women. At that time, women were still lining up to be intimate with the American boxer while he was in jail.

Mike Tyson had sexual encounters with supermodel Naomi Campbell in a public restroom while ordering security guards to stand guard. He also had relations with a woman in her 50s in a supermarket. There was even an instance where after using cocaine, Mike called seven girls to a hotel to serve him.

In his autobiography, Tyson also revealed that he had slept with 1,300 women in his 54 years of life. Each time, he would record the names of the women as a memento.

Mike Tyson always appeared addicted to sexual encounters, and nothing seemed to satisfy this former boxer. Before becoming famous, “Iron Mike” was close to local girls, and as a renowned boxing athlete, he got acquainted with famous actors, singers, and models. The former boxer gained notoriety in the realm of relationships and was referred to by beauties as the “worst man on the planet.”

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