• February 24, 2024

The dog gets a unique nail

Ms. Huong (32 years old) invests in beautifying her pet dog, Muc, by taking her to a nail shop, including the stages of trimming, attaching false nails, applying gel and attaching stones.

This is an unforgettable special guest of Mr. Nguyen Van Tung – owner of Star Nails nail art shop (Hoan Kiem, Hanoi).

For the first time, he did elaborate nails for a dog since the day he opened the shop. He said that Huong (32 years old) married a foreign husband, mainly lives in Singapore, so she sometimes comes to him to do nails when she returns to Vietnam.

The last time, she brought a dog named Squid and asked to do her nails.

Ms. Huong told Mr. Tung that every time she returned to Vietnam, she took Ink to get a beauty treatment. She told Tung, it costs a few hundred or a few million, but as long as Squid is happy because it’s beautiful, it’s fine.

When asked to do nails for Ms. Huong’s pet, Mr. Tung was not surprised and even encouraged her to make more beautiful and splendid stones.

“I am not surprised or even excited to do nails for this “special customer”. The dog is very good and smart, sitting still for 30 minutes for me to do his nails “- Mr. Tung recounted.

This unique customer named Squid was trimmed, gelled and stoned on his front legs, in which each nail has about 7 different size stones.

As for Huong herself, she also extended her nails and applied gel with mother-of-pearl and 3D glitter, then attached stones.

“That day, I married her 500,000 VND, of which the money for the dog’s nails was 150,000 VND/set. She was very pleased with Squid’s lovely and gorgeous new nails and said she would come back next time “- Mr. Tung recalled.

Many people think that doing dog nails is a luxury, “luxury”, but for Mr. Tung – who has studied and worked in nail art in Russia for 6 years, it is normal because abroad they are very pets. feed.

He said, in Russia, he used to do nails for these 3-4 “special customers”, but in Vietnam, Squid was the first dog to be “invested” by the owner.

“The price for making a similar set of nails for dogs in Russia is much different than in Vietnam.

About 1000 rubles (equivalent to 700 thousand Vietnamese Dong) is the price to make a set of stone studded nails for a dog, but in Vietnam it is only 150-200 thousand VND depending on the number of stones.

Usually, dogs are asked by their owners to clip the tops of their nails and then attach stones. This is completely done manually, so it takes a lot of time and the cost is not cheap,” said Mr. Tung.

Although in Vietnam many people still find it strange about making nails for dogs, Tung believes: “This is a new art, a very civilized and artistic profession.

Pets also need to be beautified, it’s a very normal thing and if possible, I would love to open a separate nail shop for pets in Hanoi.”

Isn’t it so beautiful, let’s send our best wishes to them!

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