• February 23, 2024

The dog sat and asked to eat a chicken thigh

Recently, on August 28, the dog-loving forum of Sohu site has just posted a very funny video of a dog named Banh Bao. Accordingly, the dog decided to sit and eat in front of the store selling roasted chicken, making the online community extremely excited.

Specifically, like every day, Mr. Vuong takes his dog down to the supermarket under the building to buy things, and at the same time can take him for a walk. However, as soon as he finished paying, the owner did not see Dumplings sitting at his feet as usual. The boy worriedly went around looking for it, then laughed when he saw the figure of the “boss” sitting upright in front of the “gut shop”.

Although the “lotus” urged him to go home, the 4-legged friend still had a “constant mind in the midst of a changing life”. He sat very still, staring seriously at the fragrant pieces of chicken thighs. After that, Banh Bao showed a pitiful face with tearful eyes towards the owner, as if to say: “Buy me chicken thighs, don’t buy me sitting here until the evening.”

In the end, the “lotus” of the Vuong family succumbed to the “hardness” of the great “boss”. He had to buy him 2 thighs before he could stand up and quickly run home to enjoy the hot food.

Mr. Vuong shared: “In the past, I read an article about civilization when raising a dog, so I rarely chain it, but Banh Bao is very good, never runs around, I told him to go anywhere. . Normally, I often reward my friend with chicken thighs at the alley store, but recently I stopped feeding him because he is at risk of obesity. He must have been so hungry that he ran to me like that, haha.”

After the unique images of Banh Bao were spread on social networks, it attracted a lot of attention from the people. Everyone “collapsed” at the cuteness of the little guy. At the same time, there are many comments that the “boss” is very smart when he remembers the way to find the chicken thighs.

Currently, on groups that love cats and dogs, there are also many clips sharing about the mud of the “boss” that make some “lotus” face and helpless because they don’t know what to do.

Previously, a K.B account on Facebook once shared a video of his pet. Because he wanted to continue walking in the park, the “boss” lay down on the street to fight. No matter how sweet the mistress was, the friend still lay motionless.

Truly, who said animals never cheat and bully. Once the “boss” got angry, they were second, no one dared to win first place, right?

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