• April 9, 2024

The Dog That Was mistreated and only Had one Eye is now living Her Best life.

Bubbles, a bull terrier dog, became an inspiration to animal lovers worldwide due to her remarkable resilience and will to survive, despite enduring the cruelty of her abusive owners. Unfortunately, her story serves as a reminder of the heartless actions of certain individuals who subject these innocent creatures to severe physical and emotional trauma.

Having endured a gunshot wound that resulted in the loss of an eye and a portion of her jaw, Bubbles faced a brutal beating that compounded her suffering, as diagnosed by veterinarians.

However, Bubbles’ tale takes a turn towards hope as she embarks on a new beginning.

This lovable dog was rescued by a dog shelter in Houston, Texas, at the tender age of six months, following a history of tragedy.

The cycle of abuse began when she was merely six months old.

Upon arrival at the shelter, thorough examinations were conducted, including a CT scan that unveiled the exact path of the gunshot wound.

Regrettably, the bullet inflicted severe injuries, resulting in damage to Bubbles’ inner ear, the loss of her right eye, and a portion of her jaw.

Despite the lengthy recovery process, Bubbles eventually achieved remarkable progress.

Bubbles faced a challenging journey to regain her health, but this time, she had the unwavering support of compassionate individuals who went above and beyond to ensure her well-being and resilience.

Ike Blanchard and Kilyn Horton Blanchard, owners of a mobile dog grooming business, selflessly stepped forward and volunteered to provide care for the dog.

Bubbles, characterized as an outgoing and playful dog, finds joy in playing with children.

Upon learning about Bubbles’ unfortunate situation in 2017, the couple felt a strong sense of duty to assist her. Reflecting on the ordeal, Kilyn expressed, “She had suffered a fracture in her right jaw, and the broken bones had formed into a hardened mass. The opening of Bubbles’ mouth was only around an inch and a half wide. It’s incredible that she can still eat.”

Initially, the couple’s intention was solely to rescue the puppy. However, captivated by Bubbles’ gentle nature and unwavering determination to survive, they made the heartfelt decision to adopt her.

Bubbles had finally found a loving home where she could continue her recovery, receiving the constant care and attention she required.

Kilyn cherished the emotional memories of Bubbles’ adoption, recalling a poignant moment when they opened the kennel. Although the puppy had been dozing, she quickly emerged and rested her head on Kilyn’s chest, purring in contentment, yearning for affectionate cuddles.

Bubbles’ heartwarming story resonated with countless individuals worldwide, transcending borders and touching the lives of many. After four years of recovery, she is now healthy and content, leaving her past injuries behind.

With a newfound zest for life, Bubbles eagerly embraces every opportunity, often wagging her tail softly and sporting a joyful grin, especially when assisting others.

Bubbles thrives on the attention and care she receives, finding immense contentment in her current circumstances.

The couple who fostered Bubbles encourages others to consider opening their hearts and homes to puppies with traumatic backgrounds. These dogs require special care, along with an abundance of love and patience, to help them overcome the emotional barriers that once entrapped them.

Amidst the cruelty that exists in the world, it is important for people to understand that a dog’s past injuries or mistreatment in a shelter does not define their worth. Often, they are simply scared and in need of love. Kilyn expressed, “All they need is a little love, and they have so much love to give in return.”

Bubbles’ remarkable journey and increased fame led to the creation of a book that tells his wonderful story, promoting compassion and understanding for others.

This endearing dog actively participates in various events, dedicated to raising awareness about the pressing issue of animal mistreatment in our society. Kilyn expressed their intentions, stating:

“Currently, we are working on encouraging Bubbles to collaborate with other animal rescue groups, visiting schools and educating children on the importance of treating animals with kindness. We want to emphasize the potential for a brighter future for Bubbles and demonstrate that her traumatic past should not define her. At the same time, we aim to share her story to inspire kindness and goodwill towards others.”

Indeed, there are countless stories like Bubbles’ that have the power to influence and deeply touch us. Regrettably, our society is facing a widespread wave of violence that encompasses the mistreatment of animals.

It is of utmost importance to highlight the urgency of stopping and preventing animal cruelty. The initial step towards this goal is to raise awareness about the significance of loving and respecting animals.

If we genuinely desire to put an end to violence, we must dedicate ourselves daily to eradicating the abuse inflicted upon all sentient beings. Let our actions be a true reflection of our inner selves, demonstrating compassion, empathy, and kindness towards every living creature.

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