• April 15, 2024

The Dog With A Curved Warped Face Had An Incomplete Childhood Always Longs For A Loving Home

The story of Woody revolves around a dog on a quest to find a permanent loving home, but his journey began with an unfortunate and incomplete childhood.

At a tender age of five weeks, Woody experienced a traumatic incident when he was attacked by another dog. The poor pup had to endure this ordeal without receiving any veterinary care, having to self-medicate to cope with the injuries.

Subsequently, Woody faced another heart-wrenching challenge as his owner tied him up and abandoned him outdoors. In the face of abandonment, the resilient dog survived for six weeks on the kindness of compassionate neighbors who provided him with food. Finally, fate smiled upon him when SNARR Animal Rescue came to his rescue, extending a helping hand and offering him a chance at a better life.

Woody’s family had previously relocated and sadly abandoned him in the process, as highlighted in SNARR’s Facebook post. Recognizing the loveless environment he was left in, SNARR decided to intervene and take him out of that situation.

Despite his unique appearance with a distorted face, Woody was found to be in good health. His distinctive looks didn’t deter his rescuers; in fact, they found themselves even more endeared to him because of it.

Beyond his appearance, Woody’s rescuers quickly discovered his true nature. Despite being a Pit Bull, he had a heart full of love and affection. His foster family was delighted to welcome him into their home.

When Woody arrived at his new foster home, his adoptive mother, Jamie Bond, was initially furious. However, as time passed, an extraordinary bond formed between them. On the first day, Jamie was unwell with a fever, and Woody sensed her distress, never leaving her side. He spent the entire afternoon on the couch, being a loyal and comforting presence. Woody has become like a shadow, always ensuring Jamie’s safety and protection. He even enjoys cuddling up in bed and rubbing his head on her chest, further deepening their special connection.

Now at 8 months old, Woody is relishing the joy of being a playful puppy, making up for the lost time from his challenging past.

SNARR Animal Rescue is now seeking a forever home for a dog with a cleft nose, which is Woody. They are determined to find the perfect match for him and ensure he finds the greatest home possible. SNARR describes Woody as incredibly cute and affectionate, but he does require some love and training as he is still a young pup. He has a bit of a feisty side and might be better suited to a home without cats, as he tends to chase them away.

Moreover, SNARR believes that Woody would thrive best in a household with female owners. Currently, he is being raised alongside four other dogs, and he is doing exceptionally well with them. Woody has shown great compatibility with kids, but the rescue organization thinks that older dogs (over 10 years old) would make ideal companions for him. While Woody is not inherently aggressive towards anything or anyone, he can sometimes get overly excited or jumpy, so a home with larger dogs may be a better fit for him.

SNARR Animal Rescue is dedicated to finding the perfect match for Woody, where he can receive the love, care, and attention he deserves and live a happy and fulfilling life.

Woody’s status has been updated with both joyous and bittersweet news. SNARR Animal Rescue is delighted to announce that after months of tireless efforts, Woody has finally found a loving forever home.

In a heartwarming update, SNARR shared images of Woody in his new home, where he appears happy and content with his new family and friends. This marks a significant turning point in Woody’s life, as he has now found a place where he can truly belong and be cherished.

While saying goodbye to Woody may be emotional for the rescue organization, they are immensely grateful to his new family for giving him the love and care he deserves. The rescue team wishes Woody all the best in his new home, hoping that he will experience a lifetime of joy and happiness surrounded by his newfound friends and loving family.

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