• February 20, 2024

The Duck on the street came home to raise, then became a “model” for a sweater

On this hot summer day, your house will be very easy to have uninvited guests if you store duck eggs and quail in the house. There have been many cases of reluctantly raising ducks just because they haven’t eaten eggs yet.

But when she was still recovering, she went to pick up a small duck to raise and then sew clothes for her to wear, especially woolen clothes in the hot summer, perhaps only seeing this unique girl.

Recently, a lovely story was shared by a girl on social networks as follows: “My sister found this duck on the street. After that, my sister decided to bring it home and hang it up with a sweater and hat for it.”

The post immediately received thousands of likes and comments from the online community. Many people can’t help but be fascinated by the very red images of the little duck when knitted by the owner, which is a beanie, a woolen coat, even a headband.

Even many people feel that the duck is “blessed” to be adopted by an owner with such a mindset.

However, I hope that the owner will not forget to take care of the duckling because she is so engrossed in beauty. If every sister wants to have a cute “duck” like this to make red, you can refer to how to take care of this duckling in advance. Whatever fun is fun, you should still ensure the health of the duck first, because the ducklings have weak resistance and need to be taken care of carefully.

– Place to live for ducks: Many ducks need a cage, but if you raise a few, you just need a clean, cool place.

– The temperature for ducks must be suitable, not too hot and not too cold. The standard temperature at the beginning of rearing is from 28-32 degrees Celsius and the initial warmth when raising ducklings is 60-70%.

– Ducklings from 1-3 days old: Feed with corn or broken pieces, give Vime C Electrolyte, B.complex C, Vimevit Electrolyte water in the first day after hatching. On the second day, mixed feed can be given on the market. The amount of food they need a day is about 120ml/head.

– Ducklings from 4 to 10 days old: You can feed ducks with green vegetables mixed with rice, in addition, the main food must still be supplemented with protein such as fish meal, shrimp manure. You can let them swim for about 10 minutes a day to grow quickly. Increase swimming time according to age, gradually introduce swimming when they want.

At this time, you can prevent cholera for ducks with freeze-dried duck cholera vaccine TW2. The best time to vaccinate is when the ducklings are 7 days old.

– Ducklings from 11 to 20 days old: Feed the ducks with mixed feed, add protein from snails, mussels or shrimp for fast growth. However, rice should not be fed at this time because the duck’s stomach is still young. This is also the right time for you to vaccinate your ducks against cholera for the second time.

– Ducks from 30 to 80 days old: At this time, ducks can eat rice and eat whatever they want.

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