• February 20, 2024

“The Hollywood counterpart of Mike Tyson” Michael Jai White declares readiness to engage in an unsanctioned showdown with the original version.

Actor Michael Jai White shows enthusiasm for a hypothetical showdown with Mike Tyson.

In 1995, Michael Jai White gained attention for portraying the character of “Mike Tyson” in an HBO film project. This opportunity allowed the 56-year-old actor to train in boxing and has continued to maintain his training in the sport ever since.

With his accumulated boxing experience over the years, coupled with regular gym training, White believes he is capable of stepping into the ring with Mike Tyson and expresses excitement about this scenario.

“Fighting Mike is something I’ve always wanted. There’s no reason for me to decline it. I think I can win. Even if Mike kicks my butt, I wouldn’t mind,” White stated.

According to White, he has had the opportunity to train with renowned figures possessing formidable boxing skills. If “Iron Mike” takes notice of him, the American actor is ready to step into the ring the following week without asking for compensation.

“I would fight him for free. Honestly, I didn’t post on social media about sparring sessions with Jon Jones or other fighters. I don’t want to do that. But as for a clash with Mike, it could happen as soon as next week,” White shared.

However, it may not be easy for White to get Tyson’s approval. “Iron Mike” confirmed his intention to continue fighting this year but has repeatedly emphasized his desire to face “professional” opponents.

According to British media, former rival Evander Holyfield is considered the most suitable opponent for the youngest heavyweight champion in history. Holyfield has also been training diligently during this time, waiting for an opportunity to reunite with “Iron Mike.”



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