• February 20, 2024

The little village girl bravely faced the snow to seek a veterinarian for her dog.

Little Village Girl Courage Braved The Snow To Find Her Dog A Vet

One day, veterinarian Ogün Öztürk found himself obliged to visit the village of Düzpelit in Ordu, Turkey, to attend to a sick cow. After efficiently resolving the issue, he intended to depart promptly. However, fate had a different plan in store.

Just as Ogün was about to take his leave, something unexpected drew his gaze. A little girl was making her way through the snow, carrying a puppy on her back. This heartwarming sight marked the beginning of their friendship.

In the village, resided a young girl named Cemre Su Türköz, along with her beloved dog, Pamuk, who had been suffering from an irritating itch for a few days. Concerned about Pamuk’s health, Cemre was determined to find a veterinarian as soon as possible. Unfortunately, heavy snowfall had cut off access to the district center, making it impossible for her to reach professional help.

Fortunately, fate seemed to intervene in Cemre’s favor that day. She learned that a veterinarian would be arriving in the village to attend to a cow. Fearing that the vet might leave before she could get assistance for Pamuk, Cemre Su bravely placed the pup on her back and traversed over a mile of snowy mountain roads to reach the vet’s location, taking him completely by surprise.

The young girl approached Ogün and earnestly explained her dog’s condition – the constant itching and the inability to travel to the district center due to the heavy snow. She was desperate for her dog to be examined and treated. Ogün, moved by her sincerity and determination, couldn’t refuse such an astonishing client. Without hesitation, he conducted a thorough checkup on the pup, and fortunately, the diagnosis revealed that the condition was not too severe. A simple topical medication would be sufficient to solve the problem.


Amazed by the courage of the 8-year-old girl, Ogün made a heartfelt decision not to accept any payment for his services. Although Cemre offered him around 7 liras, he politely declined, recognizing that her kindness and trust were the best reward he could ever ask for. From that moment, the three formed a unique bond of friendship. Subsequently, Ogün frequently returned to the village to visit Cemre and Pamuk, cherishing the special connection they shared.

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