• April 11, 2024

The sweetest dog has been returned to the kill shelter where she was initially adopted as a puppy, leaving her feeling sad.

In 2014, when Sadie left the shelter, nobody could have predicted her eventual return, as she was unfamiliar to the staff. However, last month, she was indeed brought back to the shelter when her family abandoned her. Sadly, Sadie’s journey did not end there, as she was adopted once again, only to be returned shortly after. This unfortunate cycle continued, highlighting the ongoing challenges she faced in finding a permanent home.

When Sadie and her littermates arrived at the Harris County Animal Shelter in Texas, they were just a few months old. The shelter staff captured adorable photos of Sadie, leading to her adoption by a family. However, it became apparent that this family was not the lasting home Sadie had been hoping for.

Last month, Sadie was brought back to the Harris County Animal Shelter, where Ashley Roberts was present. Roberts described Sadie as being curled up in a ball and initially thought she was a scared animal that had been lost. Despite being with her previous family, Sadie did not seem at ease.

According to Roberts, Sadie’s family initially believed they would keep her, mentioning the impact of Hurricane Harvey as a factor. However, it appears that they did not express regret about returning Sadie to the shelter.

Upon scanning Sadie’s microchip and checking their databases, a staff member came across Sadie’s puppy picture. This discovery greatly affected the employee, and according to Roberts, they were nearly brought to tears. The stark contrast between the confident puppy depicted in the photo and the vulnerable dog in front of them was emotionally overwhelming. Roberts also shared that they had already started crying at that point. The realization that Sadie might have ended up in a shelter where her life would be at risk was deeply distressing for everyone involved.

The following week, another family expressed interest in taking Sadie from the shelter and bringing her into their home. Initially, there was a sense of joy and hope that Sadie’s streak of misfortune had finally come to an end. However, just one week later, Sadie was once again returned by this new family.

Roberts mentioned that she wasn’t present during Sadie’s second surrender, but the family cited issues with her urinating inside the house. The article suggests that Sadie may have been so frightened and anxious that she involuntarily urinated as a nervous response to her surroundings.

When the shelter managed to find a more suitable and long-term home for Sadie, they took to Facebook and shared her pictures, aiming to find her a new home quickly. A young woman saw the post and reached out to the shelter, expressing her willingness to foster Sadie with the intention of eventually adopting her.

Roberts explained that the shelter focuses on providing adoption and foster counseling to increase the chances of success for both the animals and the individuals involved. The statement emphasized the importance of giving Sadie space and time to settle down, considering the significant challenges she had faced. They made it clear that Sadie should not be exposed to other dogs for at least a week.

According to Roberts, the young woman who fostered Sadie disregarded their instructions for reasons that were not specified.

“We had hoped it would work out since she seemed to have good intentions,” Roberts explained. “She took Sadie home and reported that she was doing well.” However, a request was made to bring another dog over, and it was during this encounter that Sadie was attacked.

When Sadie was returned to the Harris County Animal Shelter for the fourth time, she had bite scars covering her neck, indicating the extent of the assault she had endured.

Roberts expressed, “It’s just bad luck, that’s all. I’ve never seen another dog returned this many times.”

In order to help Sadie regain stability in her life, the shelter arranged for her to be placed in a foster home with Down South Rescue.

Sharon Fanning, the Director of Down South Rescue, shared with The Dodo that Sadie is now under the care of an experienced foster. Sadie still exhibits mistrust and fear towards others, but she has developed a strong bond with her foster mother. It will take time for Sadie to fully recover, both physically and emotionally. Additionally, the adoption process for Sadie will be highly selective to ensure she finds the right forever home.

Although Sadie will require more time before she is ready for adoption, Roberts is determined to find the best possible home for her.

Roberts believes that Sadie does not possess a malicious bone in her body and describes her as a genuinely kind-hearted dog during her time at the shelter. Their only request is that Sadie be placed in a household where she will be loved and cared for. Ensuring her well-being and happiness is of utmost importance in finding her a permanent and nurturing home.

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