• February 23, 2024

This golden retriever spends about 2 hours each day hugging people she meets on her walk.

In the bustling streets of New York City, an affectionate Golden Retriever named Louboutina, or ‘Loubie’ for short, is spreading love and joy to strangers through her heartwarming hugs.

This five-year-old Golden Retriever has captured the hearts of many as she shares her endearing embraces with lucky individuals, leaving them with radiant smiles on their faces. Her gestures of affection make the busy streets a little brighter and bring happiness to those who encounter her.

Loubie frequently accompanies her human companion, Cesar Fernandez-Chavez, in Manhattan. Cesar observes that amidst the myriad events happening in the world today, people respond remarkably well to Loubie’s genuine and unrestricted hugs. He finds great fulfillment in witnessing the joy she brings to random strangers.

Cesar mentions that although Loubie generously shares her affection with everyone she encounters, she seems to possess an innate ability to discern who is in need of some furry love the most. He shares a personal anecdote, recalling Valentine’s Day in 2014 when he had recently ended a long-term relationship. Loubie sensed his emotional state and would hold Cesar’s hands, playfully providing him with a companion to hold hands with on Valentine’s Day. However, it quickly became evident that Loubie had a genuine penchant for showering others with extra affection.

Every stroll Cesar and Loubie embark upon is no ordinary walk. It is filled with moments of hand-holding and heartwarming hugs that captivate the attention of those around them. Loubie’s irresistible cuteness draws people in, leaving them enchanted by her affectionate nature. The abundance of hugs they share during their walks sometimes limits the distance they can cover, as the encounters with strangers often pause their journey.

Cesar proudly mentions that he never actually trained Loubie to perform these heart-melting actions that evoke an instant “Aawwwwwwww” from those she meets. It is Loubie’s innate instinct and pure desire for connection that compels her to initiate and share her affection with others.

However, Cesar mentions that Loubie exhibits selectivity when it comes to her hugs. While people may approach them during their walks, requesting hugs, Loubie chooses to share her love only with those she has formed a bond with. Cesar notes that if Loubie sits next to someone, it’s usually a sign that they are likely to receive one of her cherished hugs.

Undoubtedly, an adorable Golden Retriever embracing strangers on the streets of New York is an Instagram-worthy sight. Pictures of her famous hugs grace her own account as well as the accounts of fortunate individuals who have experienced her affection. With nearly 30k followers and growing, Loubie’s fluffy-love continues to capture the hearts of many as word spreads about her heartwarming gestures. In today’s world, where a good hug is often needed, it’s no wonder that Loubie’s popularity soars.

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