• April 10, 2024

Two adorable dogs with facial deformities become best friends who are always next to each other

After being adopted by a family five years apart, two lovable dogs with significant facial deformities form an unbreakable bond as inseparable best friends. Picasso, a five-year-old canine, possesses a misaligned nose, while his newfound companion Newt, just one year old, lacks an upper jaw due to being bitten by his mother during his puppy days.

The unwavering affection shared between two canines afflicted with profound facial deformities is truly remarkable. Liesl Wilhardt, founder and director of Lovable Dog Rescue, has brought to light the profound bond between Picasso and Newt.

Despite their noticeable facial deformities, both canines lead contented lives within the expansive 55-acre property located in Oregon, USA.

Liesl took Picasso under her care in 2017 following the sudden passing of his sibling, and then welcomed Newt into their loving home in 2021. Remarkably, the two dogs formed an instant and unbreakable bond, becoming inseparable companions.

Picasso, who is now five years old, entered the world with a nose that was naturally askew, while Newt, at the age of one, faced the challenge of not having an upper jaw due to an unfortunate incident where his mother bit him.

Despite the ongoing challenges they face as a result of their deformities, as well as Newt’s medical issues, the two dogs have managed to create a profoundly joyful and fulfilling life for themselves.

Their endearing bond and daily routines, including feeding, playing, walking, and gathering berries, have been captured in a series of movies that beautifully depict the relationship between Picasso and Newt.

Liesl commented, “It’s truly miraculous that Picasso even survived as a newborn considering the difficulties he would have faced while trying to nurse from his mother.”

In addition to his absence of an upper jaw, Newt has confronted numerous other obstacles, some of which are unrelated to his facial deformity.

Picasso and Newt share a fondness for people, making them extroverted and eager for public attention. They take pleasure in warmly welcoming individuals, often leading passersby to do a double-take as they try to comprehend what they are witnessing.

“They are not suffering; they have learned to adapt to their physical limitations and can accomplish nearly anything they set their minds to,” Liesl explained.

“Right from the start, Picasso adored Newt because they enjoy playing, wrestling, and are simply adorable together,” she added.

“As Newt grew older, our bond became even stronger,” Liesl reflected.

“I genuinely adore Picasso and Newt; they are affectionate, joyful, intelligent, and incredibly entertaining dogs.”

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