• February 20, 2024

Tyson Fury claims he would beat a prime Mike Tyson and lists himself as No1 heavyweight in the last thousand years: I’m the greatest fighter that has ever lived”

Tyson Fury asserts that he would easily defeat a prime Mike Tyson, as he considers himself the greatest heavyweight boxer of the past millennium.

If Fury triumphs over fellow Brit Anthony Joshua next year, he could potentially become the undisputed champion.

Fury is confident that he will eventually possess all four belts, and he believes that no legendary fighter could have posed a challenge to his dominance.

When specifically asked about the possibility of a fight against Iron Mike, the 31-year-old expressed his enthusiasm for such a matchup.

At the age of 53, Tyson is anticipated to make a remarkable comeback to the ring for an exhibition bout.

This announcement comes 33 years after Tyson became a legendary figure in boxing by becoming the youngest heavyweight champion in history.

When questioned about the potential outcome of a match between himself and Mike Tyson, Fury confidently stated to Steve Bunce on BT Sport: “No heavyweight from any era in the past thousand years could have faced me and defeated me. Not Mike Tyson from the 80s, Muhammad Ali, Joe Louis, Lennox Lewis, George Foreman, Ken Norton, Rocky Marciano, Floyd Patterson, Gene Tunney, Jem Mace, or John L. Sullivan.”

Tyson Fury confidently proclaimed, “I am the greatest fighter to have ever lived.” He continued by stating, “Even going back to the earliest days of boxing, none of them could have defeated the Gypsy King. I possess superior size, exceptional skills, and a diverse range of fighting styles that they simply couldn’t handle. Moreover, even if they had faced me, they wouldn’t have been able to defeat me. I truly believe I am the greatest fighter to have ever graced this sport, not just in the heavyweight division, but overall. How’s that for a touch of modesty?!”

Before the highly anticipated Battle of Britain with Anthony Joshua, Tyson Fury is obligated to fulfill his contractual obligations and face Deontay Wilder for a third and final time. Additionally, there is a possibility that Fury may need to contend with mandatory challenger Dillian Whyte.

Promoter Eddie Hearn expressed concerns about the WBC potentially designating Fury as a “franchise” champion, stating, “We don’t want the WBC to grant Fury the ‘franchise’ champion status.”

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