• February 18, 2024

Tyson Fury’s trainer makes huge claim that the Gypsy King is BETTER than Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson and Lennox Lewis

Tyson Fury’s trainer has made an extraordinary assertion that the Gypsy King embodies the finest qualities of some of the greatest heavyweights in history, including the iconic figure considered “The Greatest” of all time, Muhammad Ali.

SugarHill Steward ranks Fury as superior to Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, Lennox Lewis, and Wladimir Klitschko as he adds the finishing touches to the WBC champion’s preparations for his trilogy fight with Deontay Wilder, taking place this Saturday night.

Steward says, “When I think about Tyson, I see a combination of the traits possessed by Lewis, Klitschko, Ali, Tyson, and all the great heavyweights. He encompasses all their qualities and exhibits remarkable mental toughness.

“He possesses everything they had and more. Tyson is an extraordinary boxer, and his name will hold a distinguished place in the annals of boxing history.”

The perspective shared by SugarHill Steward is rooted in his intimate understanding, having assisted his late and legendary uncle, Emanuel Steward, in training the likes of Lewis and Klitschko, along with numerous other world champions, at Detroit’s renowned Kronk gym.

The Steward approach has consistently been centered on training fighters to pursue knockouts, as Emanuel famously stated, “Never leave the result in the hands of the judges.”

Fury made a significant change in his training team by parting ways with his former trainer, Ben Davison, and enlisting the services of the younger Steward. Tyson had previously worked briefly with him in Detroit under his uncle’s guidance, which led to the incorporation of the knockout philosophy into his fighting style.

Their partnership has now spanned three fights together. The first bout took place in Los Angeles, resulting in a contentious draw. During that fight, Fury displayed incredible resilience, rising from a devastating last-round knockdown, reminiscent of Lazarus’s legendary revival. The second encounter occurred in Las Vegas, where Fury secured victory by stopping his opponent, the Bronze Bomber, in the seventh round.

According to Steward: “Perhaps if Tyson had joined us when he was 25, he might have developed into a knockout artist sooner. However, he had already enjoyed a great career and reached the top of the sport. We don’t take anything away from that. We are simply introducing some different approaches, learning from them, and applying them with maximum efficiency.

“Before the second Wilder fight, Tyson had absorbed a significant amount of knowledge in a short time. The results were evident for all to see. Considering the long layoff, we believe we are just getting started in terms of fights.

“During the 20 months since the Wilder 11 fight, we didn’t waste any time. We had numerous training camps, and despite his already impressive skills, Tyson has made considerable improvements. He has been incredibly focused and absorbed a wealth of information. He has gained wisdom, and in boxing, wisdom is crucial.

“My role is to help Tyson Fury become the best version of himself. We are extremely excited about this fight because he can now showcase skills and talents that many people are yet to realize he possesses.”

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