• February 23, 2024

UFC Tito Ortiz claiming he is desperate to face boxing legend Mike Tyson: “56, he may not survive in ring despite looking ‘vicious’.”

Former UFC light-heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz has recently disclosed that he has received communication regarding a potential fight against Mike Tyson, and he has expressed his eagerness to take on the boxing legend.

It appears that Tito Ortiz is in contention with Evander Holyfield for the opportunity to step into the ring with the Baddest Man on the Planet. Reports suggest that discussions are ongoing for a trilogy bout involving either Ortiz or Holyfield against Tyson.

Ortiz has made it clear that he is enthusiastic about facing the iconic boxer, Mike Tyson.

At the age of 53, Mike Tyson has left fans amazed by his impressive body transformation. Tito Ortiz, also impressed with Tyson’s physical condition, commends his American counterpart on his stunning physique. However, Ortiz has also issued a warning to the former world champion about facing him in the ring.

Ortiz, who had twins with former partner Jenna Jameson in 2009, revealed that he received a random phone call from someone associated with Mike Tyson’s podcast. They asked him if he would be interested in fighting Tyson. Having seen Tyson’s impressive shape and knowing that he was working with one of Ortiz’s old trainers, he expressed his enthusiasm and willingness to take on the challenge.

It seems that after the initial contact about a potential fight with Mike Tyson, there was a delay in further communication. Tito Ortiz mentioned that he received a call from someone associated with Tyson’s podcast, expressing interest in the fight. Then, another friend of his from Las Vegas, who is connected to Tyson’s management, proposed the idea of setting up a conversation between Ortiz and Tyson to discuss the fight.

Ortiz was enthusiastic and expressed his willingness to take on the challenge, mentioning that he had fought last year and was ready to get the ball rolling. However, despite the initial interest and willingness from Ortiz’s side, there has been no follow-up communication or updates regarding the potential bout. Ortiz is currently waiting to see what happens and if there will be any progress or further discussions about the fight with Mike Tyson.

Tito Ortiz, at 45 years old, expressed his respect for Mike Tyson’s viciousness and toughness. However, he pointed out that Tyson hasn’t fought in a long time, and hitting pads during training is different from facing a live opponent in the ring.

According to Ortiz, hitting pads may look impressive, but it’s not the same as being in an actual fight where you have to deal with someone hitting back. Ortiz emphasized that his hunger and ferocity come into play when he’s in a real fight, and it’s not just a show or display for entertainment purposes.

Despite his admiration for Tyson, Ortiz is confident in his abilities and believes that a boxing match with Tyson is what he wants. He mentioned that he last fought in December, winning against former WWE star Alberto Del Rio in the first round via a rear-naked choke. Ortiz is eager for the opportunity to face Tyson and made it clear that he’s fully committed to the challenge if anyone from Tyson’s camp reaches out to him.

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